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The Healthy Gut: Full Program!

The ultimate program for women looking to restore digestive health quickly, sustainably, and cost-effectively.

I went from bloated and trying to squeeze into my skinny jeans to flat bellied and thriving.

This was me. Don’t I look happy?

It was Thanksgiving – and one to remember.

The entire family had gathered around the table and shared a delectable, carb-loaded meal. 

You know, the kind that makes both your stomach and heart warm at the same time. 


That night, I went upstairs and laid on my bed – and watched my stomach rise far above what would be considered a typical “food baby” from the holiday.

It was like a loaf of bread rising  – gradually, but somehow, ever so quickly. 

I dismissed it, but when this became a recurrent occasion – I began to become concerned. 

Especially since I was always exhaustedfeeling “puffy” and inflamed, and experiencing unwanted weight gain.

So eventually I ended up in the emergency room for a CAT scan, visited countless general practitioners and specialists, and even got a colonoscopy performed (because you know, just to keep things exciting). 
But what I discovered was something that MOST consumers of the modern western diet unfortunately experience.

Does any of this resonate with you?

➤Wrestling with undesired weight gain and/or constant weight fluctuations
Relying on caffeinated beverages to boost your energy levels and get you through your work day
➤Experiencing constant bloating and inflammation (I was genuinely surprised the real shape of my face once the “puffiness” subsided)
Struggling with ongoing stress, anxiety, and/or depression (I do not use those terms lightly. I understand the weight associated with mental health terminology)
➤Dealing with skin breakouts, acne, and irritations 
Not feeling like you are your BEST – healthiest and happiest self.

You're in the right place!

Those were many of the common symptoms I had experienced – and I knew there had to be a solution. 
So, I spent the next three years finding it – but in the meantime, I threw my money towards too many unnecessary and unhelpful supplements and health products.
I can look back today and be thankful I went through what I did.
Because now, I physically, mentally, and emotionally feel better than I ever have! 

And I get to help THOUSANDS of women feel the same!

"Overfed and Undernourished"

The US has been called “overfed and undernourished.”

And that statement – contains some scary truths.

The food industry today is just that – an industry. 

The foods that we have been raised to consume are:

⮞An unhealthy mix of artificial sweeteners and additives

⮞ Crossbred

⮞ Genetically Modified

⮞ Hybridized 

⮞ Industrialized and Processed

And it’s not our fault!

When the US experienced a population boom (around the time of the industrial revolution) they pulled together their resources (factories) and began producing PRODUCTS as opposed to natural FOOD.

Our bodies can only handle so much of this.
And it’s OUR generations today that are experiencing the result of obesity, diabetes, inflammation, and our bodies simply asking us for “no more!”
Unfortunately, farm to table has become farm – to factory – to table.
Think of it as an interception, sport fans – where factories process the foods – adding chemicals, sweeteners, and manufacturing to the whole ingredients our bodies are intended to consume.

Since finding this solution, I have been able to...

Easily drop 15 pounds without dieting
Experience flat stomachs without any end-of-the-day or post-meal boating
Rid my body of inflammation (which skyrocketed my confidence)
Clear up my skin conditions (now I forget to put make up on – before I would have never left the house without it)
Energize myself through my foods (the ultimate fuel source) rather than caffeine
Speed up my metabolism and enhance my body’s ability to maximize nutrient absorption
Drastically reduce anxiety and skyrocket my overall mental health
Stabilize and regulate moods 
Understand the ingredients in foods to learn what is best for our bodies, despite any “schemey” marketing techniques (no diets – just real foods)


A Sneaky Little Secret...

Discovering the significance and vast realm of control our gut plays on the overall health of our bodies felt as though revealing one of life’s greatest secrets.

Especially since our gut is solely responsible for a multitude of the body’s functions, including, but not limited to:

Healthy Digestion

Weight Management (and Weight Loss)

Skin Health

Nutrient Absorption

Heart Health and Cholesterol Level

Brain Clarity and Mental Health

Hunger and Appetite


Bloating and Inflammation

Chronic Illnesses 

So when I found the perfectly balanced equation to restore gut health, I knew I had to share!

Now I love the lifestyle that I get to live!

But something you should know about me is that I’m a teacher (I teach Biology and Anatomy).

So when I found the solution (after YEARS of research and hard work), I knew I had to help others by creating the ultimate, one stop resource!

This was my entire motive behind creating…

21 Day Gut Health Challenge

The ultimate program for women looking to restore digestive health quickly, sustainably, and cost-effectively.

This program is complete with 18 comprehensive modules to provide you with the ultimate, one-stop shop resource to restore your digestive health!

This program is designed with YOU in mind!

We will show you how to:
Love your new, healthy lifestyle
Create a sustainable solution that lasts
Address your problem areas
Eat to nourish and fuel your body
Restore your overall health, skyrocketing energy levels, metabolic rates, mental health, and so much more!

Simply put, your gut health matters because YOU matter!

We will show you how to:
Understand the major factors your digestive health plays in your overall health
Learn the significance of proper hormonal balances as women
Reap the countless benefits that are associated by easily regulating ONE thing

Our body sends us signs and signals...

And it’s up to us to listen!

We will show you how to:
Recognize these signs and signals
Understand how to work with your body rather than against
Heal and rejuvinate your body

We get to the root of the problem...

“The foods we eat impact our well being, not just on a cellular level, but on a whole life level – how we feel, how much energy we have, how strong we are, how capable we can be” – Dr. Axe

We will show you how to:
Understand why weight gain, diabetes, chronic inflammation, and poor health has become so common
Avoid marketing techniques and schemes, and be able to associate true health foods
Stop blaming yourself!

Your body deserves a cleanse and time to rest!

We will show you how to:
Rid your body of inflammatory causing toxins
Reset your body to create ultimate success
Learn techniques that provide your body with the well deserved rest it needs
Integrate intermittent fasting techniques into your everyday lifestyles without feeling as if you are fasting at all!

"Eat to fuel your body, not to feed your emotions"

We will show you how to:
Easily retrain your body to crave healthy, delectable foods
Resist sugar cravings
Overpower your mind to stay intentional towards your meals
Reprogram your leptin hormonal balance (the hormone that has the ability to say “I’m full!” to curb hunger and works as an appetite suppressant)

Eating healthy should not be expensive, frustrating, and bland...

We will show you how to:

Avoid foods that hurt your digestive system and decrease your gut health

Rid your diet of processed foods and learn how to integrate real ingredients into your everyday lifestyle

Exchange typical staple foods with a comprehensive “Eat This – Not That” list because eating healthy does not mean eating less 

It's not a diet - It's a lifestyle...

We will show you how to:

Focus on eating real, wholesome ingredients to nourish your body

Easily understand the lists of approved, anti-inflammatory foods that heal your digestive system

Maximize energy levels through creating proper fuel sources

Energy levels are controlled by our body's ability to absorb nutrients...

But here’s the kicker – an unhealthy gut struggles to absorb the nutrients from our food.

We will show you how to:
Easily maximize nutrient absorption to skyrocket energy levels
Reap the countless benefits of using the PROPER supplement
Heal your digestive tract in order to enhance nutrient absorption

You control your metabolism. Your metabolism does not control you...

“People tend to think that the metabolism is genetically predetermined. That you’re either cursed or you’re blessed. And that’s not true.” – Jillian Michaels

We will show you how to:
Recharge and enhance your metabolism with simple techniques
Create a highly efficient mechanism that breaks down and digests foods quickly and with ease

Probiotics are beneficial if you know enough to avoid the scams...

We will show you how to:

Avoid marketing schemes, over-expensive prices, and useless supplements

Follow simple guidelines to choose a probiotic that is best for YOU

Let's get real personal for a minute...

We will show you how to:
Have healthy, regular bowel movements
Understand how healthy bowel movements resemble strong gut health
Flush out toxins and waste with ease

Focus on building up your body rather than repetitiously wearing it out.

During this time, your body will experience an incredible change.

We will show you how to:
Properly cleanse your body through simple workouts
Drastically decrease bloating and inflammation with short yoga sequences
Restore your body through rejuvenating practices

Create a lifestyle that doesn't have you living for those cheat days...

We will show you how to:
Incorporate enjoyable, healthy practices into your daily routine
Eat healthy on a budget (and if you splurge – how to read nutrition labels)
Come back from a cheat day
Restore your body if you get sick (antibiotics)
Eat out at restaurants
Integrate alcohol and sweets into a healthy diet

But wait... That's not all! If you order now, you will also get these awesome bonuses...

BONUS #1 ($37 VALUE!): Supplemental Video Lessons

In order to help you achieve ultimate success, I have created over 15+ videos to help explain many of the concepts found here in this program!

BONUS #2 ($27 VALUE!): Anti-Inflammatory Recipe Book

You’ll receive the ultimate, comprehensive recipe book filled with over 100+ anti-inflammatory recipes!

Filled with:

➤ Detox Drinks
➤ Savory Smoothies
➤ Beautiful Breakfasts
➤ Lovely Lunches
➤ Simple Snacks
➤ Delicious Dinners
➤ Various Vegetables
➤ Homemade Salad Dressings
➤ Delectable Desserts

BONUS #3 ($17 VALUE!): Printable Daily Checklist

To help to simplify your life, I made a checklist of everything you need to stick to during the 21 days! This way you can hold yourself accountable and “check” off everything that you’ve done each day! 

21 Day Gut Health Challenge

The ultimate program for women looking to restore digestive health quickly, sustainably, and cost-effectively. 

Our Guarantee to You..

We are confident that these practices will help you to develop a healthy and happy lifestyle! 

But these techniques ONLY work if you do!

If you finish the challenge and have not experienced positive results, just send an email to, and we will send you your money right back!

All we ask is for proof that you tried the challenge via photos of yourself, photos of 21-Day Challenge approved meals, and that you put these methods into work for a full 30 day period (without cheat days).

Developing good gut health takes time, detoxing, and establishing new, healthy habits. Please understand that this process does not happen over night, but if you stick to these practices for at least 21 days – we are positive you will begin to see incredible results! (Refund eligible for 45 days post purchase.)

Happyness Is Key

As you may know by now, I’m the girl who got sick and had no other choice but to spends years developing a solution that would work to heal, energize, and nourish my body.

Majoring in biological sciences and teaching Anatomy and Biology has definitely helped to provide me with the groundwork I needed – but then I had to put it all into action!

So when I found the solution – I knew I had to share with others! 

This was when Happyness Is Key was founded – and since then, I have LOVED being able to help thousands of women to live their healthiest and happiest lives!

What is HIK?

Happyness Is Key is designed with the intentional purpose of helping women to achieve healthier, happier lifestyles.
Our Mission: We help women to restore their digestive health to design happiness from within.
Just as research supports, there is a direct correlation of the health of our bodies and the happiness we experience.
70 percent of the body’s serotonin (happiness hormone) is produced in the gut and the entire body works holistically with each element. 
We truly believe happiness begins from being healthy from the inside out.

We focus on incorporating healthy, whole foods with real, natural ingredients into everyday diets – helping thousands of women to:

➤ Lose weight

➤ Improve gut health

➤ Speed up metabolic rates

➤ Incorporate essential vitamins and minerals into everyday routine

➤ Create sustainable diets and healthy habits

➤ Grasp the life and body they’ve always craved

All while loving what they eat – and how it makes their bodies feel.

So trust your gut on this one. You’re in good hands.❤


Q: What is the 21 Day Challenge Program?

It’s a program developed to teach women how to design healthy, sustainable lifestyles focused predominately around clean eating, light exercises, and simple techniques. We challenge women to practice these lifestyle changes for 21 days straight in order to establish a habit and reap benefits. 

Q: What type of food does this challenge consist of?

This challenge focuses on incorporating real, wholesome ingredients into everyday diets and routines. These foods are anti-inflammatory, and work to heal your gut. We emphasize lean proteins, healthy fats, fruits and vegetables, and the right kind of carbohydrates (don’t worry, we’ll teach you what those are!).

Q: How is this program structured?

This program focuses upon providing an ample amount of recipes and guidelines to help you to design a track that is best for YOU. I do not tell you what to eat each day because I want you to create a sustainable practice that you can continue to implement after the 21 days. 

The 21 day structure is a recommended amount of time that you stay rigid and loyal to the program, foods, and minimal supplement(s). This is because it takes 21 days to create a habit, and everyone has different amounts of time it will take to fully heal their gut entirely (based on the individual diagnosis).

Q: Is it a one time fee? Are there any hidden fees?

Only a one time fee! This program focuses on teaching you everything you need to know in order to save you money – so I would be going against myself if I was asking you to spend a lot here and there to see results. Throughout the entire program, I recommend only one supplement (that I personally live by) and a simple probiotic (but again, it’s up to you if you choose to incorporate those practices).

Q: Is there a guarantee?

Yes, if you finish the challenge and have not experienced positive results, just send an email to and we will send your money back. All we ask is for proof that you tried the challenge via photos of yourself, photos of 21 Day challenge approved meals, and that you put these methods into work for a full 30 day period (without cheat days). 

Developing good gut health takes time, detoxing, and establishing new, healthy habits. Please understand that this process does not happen overnight, but if you stick to these practices for at least 21 days – we are positive you will begin to see incredible results!

Q: Do I have to exercise?

You don’t! In fact, the workouts I focus on are yoga and walking because they are low stress on the body. We are healing our gut health, and in the meantime, we do not want to push our bodies too hard. Stress (in any fashion) takes a toll on the body, and so these simple exercises (if you choose to incorporate them) focus on restoring and rejuvenating the body.

Q: Is my credit card secure?

Absolutely! We have chosen to host our program on Podia, which has an incredibly safe and secure platform for our customers. Your financial security is incredibly important to us!

21 Day Gut Health Challenge

Start living your healthiest, happiest life TODAY!

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