Hey, y’all! 

I’m Lexi and I run the show over here at Happyness Is Key!

First off, I would like to say welcome and thank you so much for stopping by! I really appreciate you taking the time to read my story – and I hope to be part of yours, too!

Happyness Is Key is specifically designed to provide readers with a healthier and happier lifestyle!

Just as research supports, there is a direct correlation between the nourishment (health) of our bodies and the happiness we experience!

HIK provides a healthy, sustainable source of nutrition (with an added fitness component!).

Here we take a holistic approach to health and wellness by understanding the science behind food, dieting, and the benefits of having proper nutrition (and what that looks like!).

Too many of the foods that sell themselves as “health foods” are:

  • An unhealthy mix of artificial sweeteners and additives (ie – sugar, sugar, and more sugar!)
  • Crossbred
  • Genetically Modified
  • Hybridized 
  • Industrialized and Processed

Leaving us feeling bloated and inflamed – all while keeping those numbers on the scale higher than you’d hope.

But it doesn’t have to be this way!

That’s why here you’ll learn of all the foods that leave your body feeling energized and rejuvenated – all while improving your mental health and decreasing stress levels.

This is because of our high emphasis for the food-mood connection – understanding how food truly is the power for our bodies – a restorative and energizing resource that can boost energy and serotonin (happiness) levels.

So if you’re:

  1. Struggling to lose weight
  2. Tired of feeling tired all the time
  3. Have a desire to learn of the foods our body naturally craves (and thrives off of!)
  4. Or simply looking to improve yourself to being your healthiest and happiest self

I say – welcome home, my sweet friend…

So who am I and why should you care what I have to say?

Great question – You always want to make sure the person you are taking advice from actually knows what they’re talking about – because if not, you’d be wasting your time! 

And let’s be real. We all don’t have a lot of that… Especially if you are someone who wants to kick off those pounds QUICKLY.

I decided to start this blog after experiencing fairly severe digestive issues of my own – but truth – I’ve always had a passion for science.

I remember standing barefoot in the driveway, waving my hands high in the air as my dad left to work his hospital shift – and telling myself, “that’s going to me be someday.”

Well… to fast forward twenty something years… 

I feel as though I truly have the best of both worlds.

I’m an Anatomy and Biology teacher (and my dad is a frequent guest speaker in my classroom.) My passion for being an educator won me over – but I get to teach others about one of the most important things one can have in life – health. 

Whether it’s scoring that A on a test or pushing the reset button on your digestive system – I’m here for you and we will get there together.

But truthfully, there was something else beyond my passion and science degree that really pushed me outside my comfort zone and challenged me to provide a resource to help others.

I got sick.

I mean… really sick. Emergency room level sick.

It was Thanksgiving (and one to remember…) when my stomach began to bloat to appear nine months pregnant. I was admitted to the emergency room and with no room left in the inn – I took up residence on a cot in the hallway. 

So there I sat – with a blanket covering my stomach – frequently encountering the recurring question, “Is it a boy or a girl???”

(For whatever reason, most people assumed it was going to be a boy… perhaps that is a sign for when I have my first child…?

I was congratulated, asked about names, and even questioned about the location of my husband (haha – that one was my favorite…)

I eventually went along with it for my own sake and entertainment. 

But secretly… I was scared.

I had no idea what was happening – but by the looks of it – something definitely was wrong with me.

I vulnerably post the picture below to reveal how large my stomach had become before being admitted to the hospital.

And that was only the beginning. 

When I visited doctors – they sent me to specialists – where I was then tossed around – just to receive the same answer.

“I’m sorry – but we don’t know… we are going to recommend you to (insert any specialists name here and I’m sure I’ve met them…)”

Blood tests. CAT scans. Colonoscopies. The list goes on and on – all for the same answer. 

So I took it upon myself. 

It’s my body. I’m majoring in science. I can do this, right?

As a college student at the time, I was already buried in course curriculum. 

I never expected to have to become a full time researcher (for the sake of my own body) on top of everything.

And while I cursed like a sailor under my breath (I really did – every explicit that would cause my mother to shake her head), and even cried in Walmart as I attempted grocery shopping (unfortunately a true story that took place in front of the canned vegetables), I’m so HAPPY I experienced all of it.

And I did it!!

I completely rewired my digestive system and can officially say – I’m 100% healthy again (and honestly, even better than before!)

But guess what was at the root of it?

My digestive system GAVE OUT. 

Yep – so despite all those “healthy foods” I thought I was eating, my body eventually rejected them. 

So I redesigned my diet – my life – my everything.

And man, I am SO happy with how I feel that I knew I needed to create a resource to help others achieve the same.

I lost 15 pounds (without even trying) and have kept them off for two years because I discovered how our bodies work – and what works best for our bodies. 

No fad diets (or starving yourself)– but rather, a lifelong solution that’s simple and easy to follow. 

Because let’s be real – food is AMAZING.

Who would ever want to give it up?? 

It’s not a trick or a sales catch like too many other “dieting solutions.” 

It’s a scientifically proven nutrition plan guaranteed to help you to physically feel so much more energized, less stressed, and most importantly – HAPPIER.

Once I changed my diet – my mental clarity (especially my anxiety levels) – improved drastically. I was amazed…

I was able to feel a physical weight lift off my shoulders and breathe (yes, breathe again from the stress of life!) a sigh of relief.

I had always experienced high levels of anxiety. Sometimes my stress was so high, I would overeat or eat nothing at all!

But little did I know that when I provided myself the foods my body craved – the nourishment my body needed – how much I would thrive! 

And it’s true – happiness and healthiness share a direct correlation.

Oh the name of the website?

I’m so glad you asked – you’re so sweet! See, I was really close with my grandmother before she passed. She was everything genuine about this world – and lived to be 90 years old before passing of a broken heart upon losing the love of her life.

She was a model in the 1940s – flawless – with the finest dose of class and sass. Her last words before leaving this earth were, “Happiness is key…

To a lifetime of health and happiness,


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