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I’m a perfectionist and while I know this is one of my greatest flaws, you can imagine how frustrated I was when I was trying so unbelievably hard to heal my gut – and I was FAILING.

Trust me, my body was letting me know it, too. 

Bloated stomachs, puffy eyes, inflammation encompassing my face, and the worst feelings of indigestion. 

So here’s to all the people out there trying their best and it just not seeming to work – I feel ya, friend. 

And to help out – here are the top 5 biggest gut healing mistakes I made along the way!

What's Gut Health and Why Do We Care?

Our gut – a fancy term to describe the part of your digestive tract consisting of your stomach, small intestine, and large intestine – regulates SO many of our body’s functions.

For a quick snapshot, here’s a list of everything your gut regulates in the body:

➪ Healthy Digestion

➪ Weight Management (and weight loss)

➪ Skin Health

➪ Nutrient Absorption

➪ Heart Health and Cholesterol Levels

➪ Brain Clarity and Mental Health

➪ Sleep Patterns

➪ Hunger and Appetite

➪ Immunity

➪ Bloating and Inflammation

➪ Chronic Illness

So, you can see how this one simple thing is by far THE one thing you want on your side.

By restoring your gut health, your body begins to reap incredible benefits from each of the bulleted categories above.

4 Steps to Heal the Gut Quickly + Efficiently...

When you are healing your gut, you need a strategic plan in order to maximize success.

See, the gut is a combination of microbes – trillions of stains of bacteria that can be working for or against you. 

And these gut microbes are a result of the foods and supplements (think probiotics) that we put into our bodies.

It’s simple, too. Unhealthy foods = bad gut bacteria. Healthy foods = good gut bacteria. 

So there’s a four step process to follow in order to ensure you have those good gut microbes in your system! 

➔ #1: Remove Unhealthy Foods

The first step is to ensure you have a clean diet that will provide opportunities to no longer hurt your gut health.

You want to focus on anti inflammatory foods, which are ingredients that work to restore the gut health by providing incredible nutrition and those good gut microbes. 

So the first step is elimination. If you are lost on the anti inflammatory diet, be sure to check out this 14 Day Anti Inflammatory Meal Plan Guide!

➔ #2: Restore Gut Microbes

The next step is to begin to build your healthy gut from ground up.

Now with the foundation wiped clean (eating clean, eliminating those unhealthy foods), we need to build a strong foundation of gut microbes. 

These come from a good diet, absolutely, but also comes from probiotic supplements and super foods.

My personal favorites are Morning Complete from Activated You and Your Super Superfood Supplements (be sure to check out HERE to learn how vital superfoods are to your diet). 

Together these work together to replenish your good gut microbes, which help you to reap all the incredible benefits of a healthy gut! (Everything from weight loss, to skin clarity, immunity, energy, and so much more…)

➔ #3: Stay Consistent

Consistency is key when ensuring that your gut health will remain intact.

This doesn’t mean you’ll never see sweets again or to kiss chocolate goodbye (I would NEVER…Literally, never).

But you want at least a 21 day period to ensure that you form a healthy habit. Your taste buds will even begin to crave those healthier foods – you’ll be shocked!

Then you can begin the next step, which is to introduce foods, and discover your “trigger foods.”

➔ #4: Reintroduce + Identify

Now it isn’t a shocker to many that sugary, fatty foods are not the best for your gut. 

But there are different realms of what you would consider “normal” that you can slowly reintroduce to your diet.

You’ll want to identify which foods cause digestive distress, and trust me, after feeling great for that period of time when you were cleansing with the anti inflammatory diet, you’ll probably find yourself noting that the taste really isn’t worth how amazing you can feel.

But this process also allows you to figure out which foods are your “trigger foods” – meaning, the foods that cause you personally digestive distress. This could be anything from lactose, gluten, or specific ingredients like eggs.

The more you learn about your body, the better you will be able to heal it.

And Top 5 Biggest Gut Health Mistakes Are...

You see while most people think taking the wrong supplement is the #1 reason why people fail, that’s actually not the BIGGEST thing.

In fact, a lot of people drop some serious $$$ each year on experimenting to find that magical supplement that will make your stomach issues BE GONE!

And there’s another marketing strategy that can get you – some people/businesses really love to prey on people’s vulnerabilities! I certainly found that out the hard way when I first began my bloated journey.

When all you really want are some REAL SOLUTIONS!

But what separates people from being able to have that incredibly sexy, flat stomach vs being bloated and running to the bathroom all the time is success following the right tips and tricks.

➔ #1: Getting to the Issue

Since our gut controls a WIDE variety of things within the body (everything from hormones, to immunity, to skin health, to weight loss and metabolic rates), sometimes the hardest part is figuring out that what’s in trouble – is your GUT!

Since you’re on this page, you likely have already accomplished this step, so – yay! One thing down.

➔ #2: Yogurts + Kefir

You know what is the single worst ingredient for the gut?


Specifically added sugar – sugar that is actually added in for taste during the manufacturing process.

And yet, what’s the number one ingredient in a lot of yogurts and kefirs? SUGAR!

Strawberry yogurt, blueberry kefir… All added sugar. It can the same health content as having a bowl of ice cream, which I personally have an issue with because they can get away with selling it as a “health product” and yet, it HURTS their consumers.

So yogurt and kefir are NOT bad. But you will want the plain greek yogurt and the unflavored kefir. That’s where the nutrition is… and in doubt, just read the nutrition label and see if added sugars happen to be present.

➔ #3: It's Also Mental

The gut is impacted mostly by physical aspects, like our diet. But the health of our gut is also dictated by our own personal mental health.

Not to get your stressing about stress, but since we have a multitude of hormones within our gut, and the true balance of hormones comes from our gut, we have to be careful with how much pressure we allow for our bodies to endure.

This means just adding in some self care. Going for a walk, doing your favorite yoga sequence, or even hanging with a friend.

Take care of yourself – because in turn, you directly take care of your gut.

➔ #4: Too Much Food + Detoxing

When I first began, I would stick to having my meals pretty normally. 

Eat about three times a day, snacks included, maybe a dessert if I’m feeling fun. You know, the norm.

But what I quickly learned with the gut is that it it needs TIME. Sure, there are fasting techniques that you can absolutely include to help, or you can just simply have more meals that are smaller. 

This allows time for the stomach to break down the foods each time, and digestive distress does not result from having that “back up” in the tract that comes from having too many foods – all waiting in line to be digested hopefully next.

Detoxing is another great technique that I learned, and will happen completely naturally upon switching your diet. So as far as green juices? Toss them aside and grab some anti inflammatory ingredients instead!

➔ #5: Not Being Strict Enough

My greatest mistake at the beginning was not creating a regimented routine that actually is designed to help me succeed.

I would eat the right things for a week and then turn right around and reward myself with gut destroying foods. So then I would be right back at it again, feeling horrible, energy-less, and bogged down. 

Not to mention incredibly frustrated.

When I found the ultimate solution to healing gut heath, I had to create a program to help others. If you’re interested in forming an incredible routine with all the hard work already done for you, be sure to check out the 21 Day Gut Health Challenge!

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