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My gut health was destroyed long before I could even tell you what a gut even was. 

I was a broke college kid who had a lot of things to balance (school, work, family, life…) and the truth is, I was sicker than I had ever been in my entire life.

Most people actually are in the same boat – it’s just whether or not they realize exactly how their bodies are designed to feel, and reward themselves with doing the things it takes to feel that way.

So what I stand for is genuine health. 

Not a ton of health supplements that marketers have an incredible way of convincing people they NEED to buy. 

A lot of those just end up as “pretty pee” – the term used to describe a waste of money, and something that just goes straight through your system without being absorbed into your blood stream.

That’s just money down the drain, and who’s got the time? And cash to burn?

Well, not me. 

Hang with me and I’ll tell you the simple supplements I took that helped me to heal my gut forever – and on a budget!

Gut Health Check...

Chances are…

⇒  if you’re consistently struggling with low energy levels, your gut health needs checked.

⇒ if you’re bloated and experiencing stomach issues, your gut health needs checked.

⇒ if you’re having skin breakouts or even noticeable hormone imbalances, your gut health needs checked.

⇒ if you’re consistently sick all the time and have poor immunity, your gut health needs checked.

⇒ if you struggle with mental health issues (especially anxiety, depression, etc.), your gut health needs checked.

I mean the list could go ON and ON.

This is because the gut is your second brain and pretty much controls and regulates EVERY SINGLE ASPECT of your body.

And sure, it can be overwhelming to think about how many things it controls and can throw off.

But what I like to know instead is that by fixing just ONE thing, all those other aspects of my health fall in place.

And yours will too.

Poor Gut Health Symptoms + Side Effects

Our bodies are incredibly intelligent mechanisms – so smart that they know exactly how to communicate with us!

They send us tell tale signals that are up to us to interpret. You’re already familiar with this concept (you just may not know it yet!)

For instance, if you start sweating, you know that your body has overheated. It’s HOT! So to cool down, you might find some shade, grab some cold water, and take a minute to relax.

Your body sent you a signal. You listened. And you were better off for it.

Your gut sends you signs as well – maybe they’re big red flashers saying “HELP ME” or perhaps they’re sweet messages signed “love, your gut.” 

Maybe it just depends on how hormonal your gut is.. 

(okay okay, I promise to not pun out on you too often – it was just RIGHT THERE.)

It’s so frustrating how you can’t just open yourself up and take a look inside (trust me, when I was having all my digestive issues, I was BEGGING for this to be a viable option!)

But you can do the next best thing – listen to your body. I wanted to make this incredibly simple for you.

Here’s a list that you can use of the possible signs your body may be sending to you to alert you that your gut health is in need of some serious TLC.

☐ Experience stress in your daily life

☐ Have trouble sleeping

☐ Get sick often

☐ Crave sugar regularly

☐ Have food allergies, intolerances, or sensitivities

☐ Experience moodiness

☐ Often feel anxious and/or depressed

☐ Experience brain fog

☐ Eat a diet high in processed foods 

☐ Cannot seem to lose weight (no matter how hard you try) 

☐ Struggle with having and/or maintaining high energy levels

☐ Experience oily skin or any form of skin condition

☐ Rely on coffee or caffeinated beverages to keep you energized

☐ Often feel tired and fatigued

☐ Experience muscle pain

☐ Experience joint pain

☐ Have recurring headaches

☐ Suffer from leaky gut

☐ Bloat after eating meals

☐ Feel inflamed (or “puffy”)

☐ Have sinus problems

☐ Struggle with gas (too much or not a healthy amount)

☐ Experience heartburn

☐ Suffer from acid reflux

☐ Have chronic diarrhea, constipation, gas, or bloating

☐ Suffer from eczema

☐ Experience acne

☐ Diagnosed with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) or experience similar symptoms

☐ Often experience canker sores (aka “cold sores”)

☐ Have the appearance of dark circles beneath your eyes

☐ Easily retain water weight

☐ Experience bad breath

☐ Have a sensitive stomach 

☐ Just feel plain “BLEH!” knowing you deserve better (hint: YOU DO!)

So How Do You Fix Your Gut?

To be completely honest, if it were as simple as 1, 2, 3 – I would spell it out right here right now for you.

But it’s a combination of incorporating various healthy practices into your life to restore the gut microbes in your digestive tract. 

I mean, there are trillions of them so it takes a little bit of time, patience, and the right habits. I have created the 21 Day Gut Health Challenge if you are interested – the ultimate program to restore women’s gut health quickly, sustainably, and cost efficiently!

But in an overlook, it’s a matter of consuming anti inflammatory foods and enriching your gut with the proper nutrients and super foods that feed the GOOD gut bacteria. 

Since after all, gut bacteria crave exactly what is like it.

For instance, good gut bacteria will continue to crave the good gut bacteria found in healthy foods (yep, it is possible to actually CRAVE healthy foods!)

And of course, the bad gut bacteria (that comes from unhealthy, processed, and typical western diet foods) will cause you to crave those same foods.

Top 4 Gut Health Supplements

Your gut relies on optimal nutrition in order to heal itself and come back stronger than it has ever been before.

Superfoods are just what they sound like – FOODS.

But the ones I recommend are the types found in powdered forms.

This way, the nutrients are easily absorbed directly into the bloodstream – as opposed to having to struggle through the gut and hope they successfully become absorbed in the small intestine. 

Especially because when your gut is unhealthy, it is unable to absorb the proper nutrition from the healthy foods you’d be consuming.

And after I watched my money trickle from my wallet, I became very skeptical as to what I wanted to pay for in regards to these superfoods – even though they work like magic.

So if you’re interested, I recommend Your Super

Their company was founded after Michael, Kristel’s longtime boyfriend, developed cancer at the age of 24. They began working with nutritionists to create budget conscious superfood and plant protein mixes after his health skyrocketed and his cancer was healed.

When  I started with Your Super, I began with the Forever Beautiful and Super Green Mix.

Forever Beautiful is designed with 6 powerful skin superfoods – Chia seeds, Acai, Maqui, Maca, Acerola, and Blueberry.

So yes, you get six servings of superfoods in one mix! That’s one of the many distinguishing factors that changed the game for me. More bang for my buck.

One spoonful of Forever Beautiful contains a handful of fresh berries and provides a daily boost of Vitamin C. I highly recommend this superfood combination to everyone, even those that do not experience poor skin health. 

I thought my skin was healthy, but within a week of using Forever Beautiful, my skin began to look so much clearer and healthier.

And remember how the skin reveals what is happening in the gut?

Yep – you guessed it – we’re moving in the right direction! 

The good thing is that there are also 40 servings – so it’ll last you a good long while. 

Like I said – I’m a skeptic. And that’s okay – it just means I have to do my research.

So I compared superfood prices at various places and YourSuper really does have the least expensive prices. You get 5-6 different superfoods in one mix, whereas I found elsewhere, it would only be one or two superfoods for the same price. 

And remember, you don’t have to rush out and buy the bundles to experience the benefits.

I recommend JUST starting with Forever Beautiful and Super Green. 

Speaking of Super Green, this mix contains 6 superfoods – Wheatgrass, Barley Grass, Moringa, Baobab, Spirulina, and Chlorella. One spoonful has two servings of healthy greens, and focuses upon improving immunity and replenishing your diet with vital micronutrients.

Personally, I like to see that there are at least 30 servings in each container for me to purchase the product. This way I can just subscribe to the product if I like it, and not have to worry about running out. Super Green does contain 30 servings – so it’s easy!

To get the discounted price, I went ahead and subscribed. I loved it – and had no regrets!

But for you, I have a discount code that you can use in order to save 20% on your orders (the same as if you would subscribe.)

This way you can try different products for a cheaper price before committing for a 3 month subscription.

Just type in “HAPPYNESSISKEY” at checkout.

Probiotics are not a one size fits all deal – and that’s important to know since many marketing agencies will try to tell you differently.

You need a probiotic that is designed specifically for the needs of your body.

This is because specific healthy gut microbes are used for different purposes in the body.

For instance, losing weight will require different gut microbes than having healthier looking skin. 

So it’s important your probiotic remains intentional to your purposes. You deserve that kind of attention anyways!

⇒ Yogurt – (This is a GREAT option! You want to keep to plain nonfat greek yogurt. It may taste a little tart at first, but too many other yogurts are filled with added sugars and it slowly becomes the same nutrition as having a bowl of ice cream. My recommendation would be Chobani plain nonfat greek yogurt – and keep to portion size or it could cause an upset stomach.) 

⇒ Kefir – (Kefir water is the way to go, unless again, it is plain and nonfat kefir milk/yogurt. Reading the nutrition facts will help a lot. If there are added sugars/flavors – it’s a no go.)

⇒ Kombucha – (This is a personal favorite. It’s a great beverage that comes in multiple flavors, all of which are safe and healthy to consume, and fills your body with many beneficial strains of good bacteria. I put mine in a wine glass and often get asked about my “fancy drink” – haha!)

⇒ Dark Chocolate – (If you are going to have a cheat snack, this is definitely one of the healthier alternatives. But we want to make sure sugar is limited in order to decrease bloating and inflammation. Also make sure there is very little to any added sugar)

⇒ Kimchee, sauerkraut, pickles, tempeh, miso soup, and blue-green algae are also great options 

But if you’re anything like me, I was totally lost seeing some of these words.

Do I eat it?

Do I drink it?

Where do I buy it?

Do I grow it?

Thankfully, engineered processes have already extracted the beneficial strains of live bacteria and cultivated them into a supplement that provides us the benefits of the foods found above, but without any of the calories and frustration.

So I do believe that taking a daily probiotic is worth the time, energy, and money.

Thryve is my personal recommendation since they have probiotics specifically tailored to your individual goals – as well as meeting the expectations of what probiotics should include, which are…

→ You want LIVE strains of bacteria (many probiotics have “dead” strains, which when added to your digestive system do absolutely nothing. You need live strains that can continue to flourish your digestive tract with incredible benefits and more beneficial bacteria)

→ Expect to pay anywhere from $25-$60/month for a good probiotic

→ Read the reviews – it can be really helpful in deciding if the probiotic is right for you. 

→ Probiotics are measured in CFUs (colony forming units)

→ The probiotic should have at least 10 Billion CFUs – less strains will simply not be as potent and beneficial (again, you want LIVE strains)

→ Become familiar with the nutrition label – it tells you everything you need!

If you’re interested in learning more on probiotics, be sure to check out 14 Incredible Probiotic Benefits for Women + How to Choose the Right One!

Morning Complete was one of the greatest game changers for me. 

This is a mixture that you drink each morning that revives your body with optimal nutrition and nourishment from the start.

It’s an incredible blend of prebiotics, probiotics, and super foods! 

Now, I still recommend pairing this with the other supplements to the best results, but this does everything from feeding the good gut microbes to curbing your daily sugar cravings.

It’s AMAZING, and you can read more reviews HERE.

4. Apple Cider Vinegar

Is ACV really worth it?

If you can get it down, absolutely.

Apple Cider Vinegar has an incredibly tart taste (I mean, it’s acidic…) but if you dilute it with water, you are in for the ultimate detox.

Not only does it relieve bloating and inflammation, but it helps to restore the gut’s pH level, which allows your body to optimize your health. 

This detox allows a natural flush of toxins from within your system, and as you may have guessed, evicts the bad gut microbes from their time in the gut. 

If you’re interested in learning more, check out our article on ACV HERE!

p.s. make sure you get the apple cider vinegar that says “with the mother” because it is the most potent and concentrated – if you’re a champ who is taking this down, you deserve to reap the most benefits of this health shot! And just be careful, this is acid after all, so be sure to dilute dilute dilute!

If you enjoyed this small guide to the supplements I took to heal my gut health, you may be interested in the 21 Day Gut Health Challenge!

This program has helped an incredible amount of women to eat a tasty anti inflammatory diet, fill their bodies with proper nutrients, skyrocket energy levels, and set their body up for the ultimate success with having a restored, healthy, thriving gut!

Is it for you? 

Check out HERE.

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