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Meal prepping is hard, am I right?

It seems like in order to eat healthy, you need to do everything YOURSELF.

There are very few “health” foods that I genuinely trust to be healthy – rather than just marketing traps that seem to take your money and replace it with fat cells instead.

So is it too hard to find a snack bar that is genuinely healthy?

One that provides the RIGHT kind of energy without all of the calories, preservatives, and empty promises…

Absolutely – you just have to know what you’re looking for, and if you hang with me, I’ll make sure you do!

How Do I Know What's "Healthy?"

I was scared of the grocery store.

Seriously! It was so intimidating to me that I actually cried in Walmart. (unfortunately, no joke!)

So how did the girl who cried in the canned foods aisle get to be a health blogger?

A LOT of time. A LOT of effort. And the sheer need to reconstruct my digestive system in order to keep out of hospital beds.

(If you’re interested in more of my story, check out my ABOUT page!)

But most importantly, I learned how to understand whether or not something is genuinely “healthy” for me, or if it’s just a marketing scheme.

Because let me tell you – the “low calorie, low fat, gluten free, lactose free, etc.” is mostly a marketing ploy to get you to buy the product.

This makes their product seem healthier than the competitors because they slap some labels on it – but those labels do NOT always mean healthy!

Amazing – even at the grocery store someone is trying to sell you something, right?!

What are Health Foods?

Simply put, health foods are REAL foods with genuinely fresh, nutrient dense ingredients. 

And while it’s difficult to include in just a simple blog post, I do teach this (while clearing up many other common misconceptions) in the 21 Day Gut Health Challenge!

But for understanding if foods are healthy for you – you simply need to check out the nutrition label.

They can display as many marketing labels as they desire, but the nutrition label cannot lie!

Calories, Added Sugars, and Long Listed Ingredients - Oh My!

Caloric intake is something that causes so many people to worry – it’s bound to result in early grey hairs!

And while caloric boundaries are incredibly important, what we should be focusing on is where those calories are coming from (ie – the ingredients!).

See, calories are actually a measure of energy. But over the years, it seems that it has taken on a negative connotation based on being linked to weight gain.

And while weight gain CAN result if we exceed too far out of our caloric boundaries, calories are not the enemy – unhealthy ingredients that jack up these calories are…

Added sugars are the primary ingredient that needs to be monitored – and avoided at all cost.

These sugars are actually ADDED to the foods, mainly to get your taste buds hooked on the product. This provides a dopamine release in the brain – and keeps you coming back for more.

But these sugars are also the leading culprit when it comes to weight gain and health issues – as they do not belong in your body in the first place. 

The last thing to truly watch for when reading ingredient lists are the long winded ingredients that you cannot pronounce (well, at least I know I couldn’t pronounce!).

This goes for not only the length of the list, but also the recognizability of the ingredients themselves.

We want short lists with easy to understand and identify ingredients. The more ingredients, typically the more processing that product has undergone. 

And the larger the words, the more we have moved away from basic, recognizable ingredients (and most are just chemical additives!)

So What's a Healthy Snack Bar?

A healthy snack bar is one that follows those exact guidelines and provides you with nourishment and energy from the proper ingredients.

I personally recommend Your Super’s “Super Bars” that are comprised of multiple nourishing ingredients.

What I like about them…

→ They only have four ingredients

→ All of the ingredients are designed to provide proper nutrition and energy

→ There are 3 different flavors to try (Chocolate is always my favorite!)

→ There are NO grams of added sugar

→ It works as a true guilt free snack that conquers cravings while filling you up

→ They are genuinely organic, gluten free, plant based, and non GMO

→ There is no added sugar, additives, or flavorings

→ They actually taste AMAZING! (Not chalky, bland, and like a healthy food..)

If you’re interested, you can use HAPPYNESSISKEY as a coupon code and get 20% off. (You know I got you!)

For a more in depth guide on super foods, be sure to check out the “Top 35 Superfoods & How to Get the Most Bang for Your Buck!

You can also read more about Your Super and their mission to provide healthy superfoods in a cost efficient, flavorful method.

And as a personal super food lover, I absolutely adore their powders and bars. Check them out if you’re interested and let me know if you reap the same amazing benefits as much as I do!

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