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Long evening walks on the beach, fruit flavored popsicles, and outdoor excursions. 

These are some of the realms of imagery my mind goes to when I think of summer – and perhaps it’s from lived experiences, and then a little bit of what the media has hyped up summer to be all about.

So is that truly what it’s all about?

Not to mention squeezing into that long dreaded swimsuit to strut at your local community pool… or starving yourself for that instagram image so you don’t look too bloated?

I’ll admit – I much prefer the imagery of popsicles and barefoot adventures, but the latter is what I, along with too many women, have experienced throughout their lifetime. 

Do you relate?

If so, I’m here to give you a new impression of what summertime can mean to you.

It can mean a fresh start. A healthy start – mentally, physically, emotionally… And it has nothing to do with the dang swimsuit (thankfully!). 

Even though, my entire blog is about gut health – so you may learn a trick or two to kick that bloat as an added benefit. (But that’s a benefit for YOU – not for that facebook picture).

Let’s get started – and oh hey, happy summer!!

Health Tip #1: Eat Cleaner, Feel Leaner

To be frank, this isn’t a post about how you need to slim down for summer.

I’m a believer that every body is a summer body, and am SO happy that the media is slowly beginning to embrace this concept within their models.

I can finally walk in to a store and see REAL bodies, as opposed to these bodies that a lot of those women (the lean model figures), dedicate their lives creating – whether it be in the gym, with trainers, the kitchen with nutrition specialists, and so much more. 

But the bodies I’m talking about are the bodies of women who live an every day lifestyle – and since every life is different, each of our bodies will LOOK different, and that’s beautiful in itself.

So why write the first tip on what we eat then? If apparently we should be embracing exactly how we look and who we are?

Great question, and I’m super glad you asked.

Because the reality is, as women, our bodies are for no other than ourselves. And we deserve to feel AMAZING in our skin. 

Basic, healthy nutrition is not a sin. In fact, it’s a way of life that when embraced, can help skyrocket our health in more ways than one. 

❏ Skin health

❏ Energy levels

❏ Immunity

❏ Mental Health 

❏ Bloating and Inflammation

And sure, it has the positive impacts on metabolism, weight, etc. if you’re looking for it as well. That’s just simply general weight loss premises of if you eat healthier and consume a lower caloric intake (healthier foods are naturally lower in calories, anyways) then there would result in weight reduction. (If this interests you – check out the How to Lose 21 lbs in 21 Days Article).

But eating cleaner is all about how you FEEL. If you eat healthy, you’ll have the energy to go rope swinging into a lake this summer, spend time throwing your kids around the pool, or taking that day trip to that cute downtown region.

Looking for where to begin? Check out these sites…

🡺 100+ Gut Healthy Clean Foods!

🡺 The Ultimate Gut Health Food List – Eat This, Not That! (A great resource for substituting unhealthy foods for much healthier, nutrient dense alternatives!)

Health Tip #2: Embrace the Outdoors

I must say, I am painfully a fall/winter girl to my CORE. The summer heat has always bothered my stomach – and I just hate that feeling of walking out into a cloud of heat.


I know I need to. Because this is actually one of the most amazing times of the year for a LOT of reasons.

If you need convincing, I’ll do my best.

I love summer (now) because I’ve realized it’s a chance for sunshine. And sun/proper lighting has been directly linked to producing more serotonin (our happiness hormone) in our brains.

Not to mention that sweating is really good for our bodies because it releases the stored toxins and wastes. (This is why sweat smells real bad, but it’s so good for you). Think of it like a build in fancy expensive sauna, all in your own backyard.

Nonetheless, there’s chances to have fun outside. Welcome you inner source of adventure. Last summer we made an adult slip n slide out of dish soap and a tarp. Get creative, smile, sweat, and create those incredible memories that the summertime can only provide.

Health Tip #3: Skyrocket the Super Foods

Super foods sound like some sort of knock off to a super hero – like they should be presented on a plate wtih a “DUN DUN DUN DUUUUUN!” sound effect as they grace your presence.

So what about these foods make them “super” and superior to the other healthy foods?

Well, they’re incredibly high in vitamins, nutrients, and healing properties. And the cool thing is, they all have their own sort of “super powers” that make them remarkable.

For instance, my trouble area has always been my stomach. So I love the anti inflammatory properties of super foods like turmeric, ginger, and ashwagandha. 

But since these aren’t the easiest (or always the tastiest) of foods to find in grocery stores and eat raw, I have found Your Super superfood powders to be my greatest “life hack.”

If you’re interested, you can choose your mix for whichever interests your needs best. They have bundles (and individual mixes) for:

🡺 Detox

🡺 Energy

🡺 Hormones and Mood

🡺 Immune Support

🡺 Digestive Health

🡺 Fitness and Protein

🡺 Sleep and Stress

🡺 Skin and Hair

And even a personalized way you can build your own bundle.

I don’t believe in tons of supplements. But the cool thing about Your Super is that it’s genuinely ALL REAL FOOD. No artificial anything. 

Summer time can be hard on our bodies – whether it be the sunshine on our skins, the draining energy levels, maybe even those millions of pool trips you’re about to take this year.

This is something that is incredibly easy and manageable to be able to do for yourself.

Health Tip #4: Hydrate, Hydrate, and Hydrate

Now you’re probably like “well, duh.” It’s summer time – so OF COURSE I need to drink lots of water (Fruit Infused Water is where it’s at though!).

But what comes along with summer time are also super fun summer drinks – sodas, alcoholic beverages, and all that jazz.

And I don’t want to tell you not to crack open that cold one while you’re at the lake with friends. That would just be plain rude of me.

But – sodas are the super tricky ones, and alcohol can be included in this when I say – the sugar and the calories can be outrageous. Like seriously, absurd. 

The last thing you want to do is drink your calories because then you don’t get the same luxury of being able to eat your calories (which who doesn’t love eating) AND that’s where the real fuel source from your body is found (the food, not the drinks). 

Here’s some easy healthier summer alternatives that I’ve found to help you out:

Try some out and let me know your favorites!!

Health Tip #5: Mediate for Your Mental Health

Meditation looks differently for everyone.

Some people like to go in a room and close their eyes to slow music and dark lights (this is me).

Others like to take time to be intentional during moments like when they’re getting ready and they focus their thoughts on these healing notions.

The good thing is, there’s no wrong way to meditate. But being purposeful with just ten minutes of your day (delivering to yourself peace, restoration, and intention) sets you up for greater success and improved moods and mental health.

How will you find your ten minutes each day?

Health Tip #6: Exercise Your Way

Have you noticed that we live in a society where everyone is now seemingly a certified coach of something? 

So many people want to convince you that there is ONE way to lose weight. ONE way to exercise. ONE way to do this, that, or another.

It can almost be aggressive, anxiety provoking, and overwhelming.

But when it comes to exercise, you want to exercise in  a way that is best for you. And that can look differently throughout your week.

When you’re on your menstrual cycle, the last thing I bet you want to do is curling sit ups to a loud, HIIT routine. (This is nothing personal to HIIT, it’s actually my personal favorite way to get moving, just not when it’s my time of the month).

A lot of women find their success in getting a fitness tracker and walking. 

Others enjoy yoga, pilates, cycling, running, etc. 

There’s no wrong way to move your body this summer, so get out there and do what would make you want to wake up and do it again tomorrow!

Health Tip #7: Say Yes to New Routines and Challenges

Summer is an amazing time to be able to say “YES” to things we normally wouldn’t find ourselves doing.

I embraced this strategy the other day when I found myself hanging thirty feet up in the air at a ziplining park. Normally, my feet stay put on the ground, but that day, I said yes and was so happy I did.

This is a time that looks different for a reason. You can watch your kids cannon ball into the pool and splash into new adventures. 

You can try the new eatery down the street because there’s live music and the sun’s out.

You can do a lot of new, fun and exciting things. So if you’re anything like the routine gal I am, let it be a time not filled in by a planning book, but rather what would bring you a new and added excitement!

Health Tip #8: Stimulate Your Mind

With new and added adventures comes the enticement to learn new things.

While channeling your physical health, we want to remember about our brain, too – because that’s one of the body’s most significant organs.

I try to read more when I find myself on a vacation, riding to a new place, or laying by the pool. And you know what I read?

Whatever I want. 

If it’s a sappy romantic filled drama I want, I do it. If it’s more research for this blog to be able to give you all my best, I do it. 

And I’m so happy I do because just as we need to exercise our own muscles by our workouts, we need to exercise our brain with mental stimulation (just do it in a way that you want – not feel that you have to.)

Health Tip #9: Pump Up the Probiotics

This is where the inner gut health girl in me comes out because our gut is the secret control center of the body (also known as our second brain!).

The gut is made of the stomach, small intestine, and large intestine, and controlled by trillions of bacteria found throughout this region of the digestive tract.

Now while our society has a stigma that bacteria is bad, it’s actually what helps to control and regulate the body (but we want the GOOD gut microbes).

And it’s simple – healthy foods means good gut microbes. Unhealthy foods means bad gut microbes.

And what we eat, truly helps our bodies to operate. We can either run like a well oiled machine, or a broken down car on the side of the road. 

Good thing is – you get to choose!

Probiotics help us out in a MAJOR way because they focus a healthy potent amount of bacteria into our systems. I highly recommend Thyrve because of how personalized their products really are for each individual!

They even have an at home test kit to be able to see how your gut bacteria is looking at the moment! 

Health Tip #10: Speak Positive Affirmations

What we think and say truly does influence how we feel and carry ourselves each day.

Speak kindly to yourself, whether this means looking yourself in a mirror and telling yourself your favorite things, or be cognizant how you describe yourself and your life to others.

I used to point out when I was more bloated and climbed into my suit. “Sorry, my stomach is just off today.”

But then I realized – what am I doing? Who cares if my pudge looks a little fluffier than normal? 

So instead, I choose to radiate a confidence that is far more distracting to others than any sort of pudge ever would be (and who cares what they have to say anyways, right?).

Live boldly, embrace the summer, and love yourself. Tell me how your journey is going down below!

Interested in Gut Health?

If learning more about what makes up your gut, why it’s important, how it can truly dictate your best life all seems interesting to you – I would check out the following links:

Or if you’re all ready to dive right in, be sure to check out the 21 Day Gut Health Challenge that has everything you need to know to take you from your worst bloated days to your favorite pair of high rise jeans. 

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