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When your stomach is upset, the last place you would want to find yourself is the gym. 

You’re nauseous, bloated, and perhaps even a bit constipated. 

So no worries, I’m not going to have you pounding weights, deadlifting, or even running at a snail’s pace. 

In fact, none of that is needed to feel and see fast results!

But there are two very simple and successful ways you can “workout” in order to relieve digestive distress – and no equipment, nor gym, is needed!

Let’s jump to it!


Yoga: Underrated & Highly Effective

One of the BEST and most underrated exercises for the digestive system is yoga!

There are several different perks about yoga that quickly get you hooked as soon as you begin.

First, it’s FREE and one Youtube search away.

When I was bloated one day, I thought, “oh what the hell?” and grabbed my TJ Maxx yoga mat out of the front closet, laid it across my living room floor, and boldly took a leap of fate.

To my surprise – it actually WORKED!

I had never truly given yoga the credit it deserves, but now, I am a total fangirl.

And here’s why…

Yoga is incredible for your bloated body in so many ways, especially because it has the ability of stretching, strengthening, and stimulating the body’s muscles all at once.

And for your digestive muscles, this is HUGE!

This destresses and relieves the inflammation from your digestive organs, all while “ringing out” the stomach muscles, thus stimulating digestion.

We experience bloating because a lot of foods end up getting backed up and “stuck” along the way. The body then reacts to this, causing gas, bloating, and digestive distress.

So just taking ten minutes to really stretch out your muscles makes a world of difference!

One of my favorite videos that I do every morning when I wake up is Sarah Beth’s Yoga Sequence for Bloating, Digestion, Ulcerative Colitis, IBD & IBS.

Again, it’s free – only takes ten minutes – and provides incredible relief. You can also search for any “Yoga for ________” and find a sequence related to your health concern.

Some great examples (with guided links) are:

☐ Yoga for digestion – Action Jacquelyn has an awesome video and guide !

☐ Yoga for constipation – Bella Lindeman has a great video and guide!

☐ Yoga for IBS – Cait Allison has a fun and helpful video!

☐ Yoga for trapped gas and bloating – True Ayurveda has a relaxing, stimulate video!

☐ Yoga for when you overeat – Yoga with Adriene has a very thorough video!

☐ Yoga for gut health – Yoga with Adriene has another awesome video on this!

☐ Yoga for detox – Boho Beautiful takes you to the beach for this amazing workout

And so many more options!

You can choose which video you would like based on how much time you have to spend on the exercises. If you do not love the instructor, simply try another. 

You can also switch up the videos or stay with what works for your body. I do the same yoga sequence every morning, but when I feel more bloated than usual, I’ll experiment with a different one to see if I enjoy it.

Then, once you learn those simple moves, you can keep them in mind when you’re at the office, out with friends, etc. to use for later.

For instance, if you simply twist your mid section to one side, it “rings out” your digestive organs, propelling food down the digestive tract. I do this often when I’m out, and it just looks as if I’m stretching my back.

These yoga poses are really handy tools to keep in your back pocket!

The other reason why I recommend yoga is that it is an incredible meditation sequence to relieve stress.

Since stress is one of the greatest triggers for poor gut health, bloating and inflammation, and continual digestive distress – these workouts will replenish your body while giving you the “quick” fix you may be looking for!

Walking: Fast Results & Effortless

The second exercise is simply getting out and taking nice walk!

And when I say walk, this does not mean power walking or walking with weights – just a nice, simple stroll will easily do.

See, walking stimulates the lower part of your digestive system, which will help to relieve discomfort and bloating.

If it’s too hot outside, it’s better to take a few laps around the house. I have found that heat is a huge trigger that can easily exhaust my body and cause bloating. This is due to how heat drains the body much faster of available energy.

But if you can, walking for thirty minutes (or the time allotted that makes your body feel good), will help to stimulate your stomach muscles – without causing too much wear and tear on your body.

So next time you feel bloated, take fifteen minutes to do a nice, relaxing yoga for digestion sequence and follow it up with a slow walk.

Take a pet, friend, or use it to clear your head.

No matter what you choose, you’ll be happy you did!

For all the  details of how to walk (especially if you’re looking to lose weight), check out this article here: Walking for Weight Loss – Myth or Truth?

Want to Fix Your Digestion FAST?

Your digestive system needs love and care – but in a way that provides the right kind of nourishment. 

From working with hundreds of women, I have seen that the most common misconception seems to be draining money in health foods and supplements.

This shouldn’t be this way. It shouldn’t cost you an arm and a leg just to feel amazing each day.

You deserve far better than that.

It talk all about these concepts in my 21 Day Gut Health Challenge, but you can also check out the following articles to help guide you through your gut health journey:

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You are going to do amazing! 

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