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If you’ve read any of my posts before, you’d probably recognize me as the gut health girl (you know, the one that’s always talking about probiotics, anti inflammatory diets, and so on…).

So why am I now talking about losing weight?

Well – because I actually found a program I LOVE and would genuinely recommend to my people.

(You’re my people btw… I’m no national celebrity)

But what I value in creating Happyness Is Key is YOU – and telling YOU about things that work, don’t work, and are a waste of time and money.

Except for when I find things that DO work and would be an incredible benefit for you life.

So stick with me and I’ll tell you all about the only program I recommend to help others to lose weight quickly, sustainably, and while still treating your body in a HEALTHY fashion.

I’m talking 10-21 lbs in 21 days, and that isn’t my promise – it’s their slogan and guarantee.

How to Lose Weight the "Healthy" Way?

It’s almost intimidating and scary how many marketing techniques are out there to try to take advantage of you.

But let’s be real – if you’re looking to lose weight, you don’t want to throw your money in the direction of just any program (but they know you’re vulnerable, seeking answers – and will unfortunately try to capitalize on that).

It seems that everyone has a certain opinion for the RIGHT way to lose weight – but rarely do these varying opinions ever seem to overlap with one another. 

But when I teach my kids (I’m a high school Biology teacher by day) their nutrition unit, I teach them about the proper ways to eat to nourish your body.

Because afterall, food = energy.

The healthy way to lose weight is to consume HEALTHY foods that are genuinely good for you and your gut.

Your gut is this crazy little thing that plays a HUGE role in our bodies – and if you’re not sure what your gut health is and how important it is to your body, be sure to check out this article (8 Poor Gut Health Signs + 7 Ways to Fix It)!

And if you’re not sure how your gut health could be stopping you from losing weight successfully, be sure to check out this article (3 Ways Poor Gut Health Is Stopping Your Weight Loss).

But to lose weight in a HEALTHY fashion means to not try to trick your body. Because tricking your body can mean weight gain later on…

Instead, we just simply want to create a small (to be sustainable) caloric deficit (without starving ourselves) and retrain our metabolism.

How to Speed Up Your Metabolism to Lose Weight...

There are two main ways to boost your metabolism in order to lose weight…

➔ Incorporate intermittent fasting techniques (I’ll teach you how to do it without starving yourself)

➔ Focus your attaining energy from your foods from the proper sources (healthy fats!!)

Intermittent Fasting for Weight Loss

Intermittently fasting has been proven to have incredible results for weight loss – especially for sustainability purposes.

This is because of how easy it is to get into the “I must eat x – amount per times per day” routine – which causes us to stop listening to our own bodies and our needs.

For all the information of how to properly intermittently fast, check out this article here (Intermittent Fasting: Biggest Dos and Don’t to Ensure Incredible Weight Loss!).

But I personally recommend the 8:16 method, meaning that you fit your meals into a window of 8 hours during your day. This then leaves 16 hours for your body to digest your foods, properly absorb the nutrients, and grant you with the energy you deserve.

(Much of this time is spent sleeping – so you’d be surprised with how easy it is to do!)

But ultimately, our bodies deserve REST in order to function properly, and intermittently fasting provides our digestive systems with the detox and cleanse it needs in order to shed the pounds quickly.

foods for leaky gut

Food as Energy for Weight Loss

Eat more proteins and healthy fats – and less carbohyrates.

This was an incredible change I made to my diet to provide my digestive system with the rest it desperately needed – but I ended up feeling so much better that I learned how to integrate these practices into my everyday life. 

See, there are two primary sources of biochemicals our body can use for energy – carbohydrates and fats. 

Carbohydrates consist of complex starches and simple sugars – both of which can be very hard on your body to process and typically store as fat. 

Some people have the misconception that “fat makes you fat” – but healthy fats, like avocados, fish, extra virgin olive oil, etc. provide your body with incredible nourishment. 

They also provide a lasting and long term fuel source for your body – allowing you to feel energized without the “bleh” and tired sensations you can get after consuming carbohydrates.

This is one of the many reasons Keto diets are becoming more popular – and while this is not the keto diet, it does follow similar principles that are most beneficial for your health.

When I learned this simple trick, the inflammation around my stomach quickly subsided. Of course I went through a small detox (I mean I had been a carb-ivore for all my life) – but my body quickly regulated. 

Since then, I have been more energized, less bloated, and been able to eat much cleaner. 

So to be completely honest, I found this program when I was looking to get my health back on track – and sifting through so many “crappy” diet plans was HARD.

I needed something that was more regimented and that kept me accountable each and every day.

I was starting to gain weight and just felt like “bleh” for too long – can you relate?

You can imagine my excitement when this program actually worked – not only by helping me to drop what I wanted, but more because it taught me the true nature of healthy foods, and which foods to eat to lose weight (and then maintain it – they have a second program for after the challenge – AMAZING).

They also give a complete money back guarantee if you do not experience your desired results.

This program is known as Avocadu’s 21 Day Fat Loss Challenge – where they guarantee you to lose 10-21 lbs in 21 days (or money back).

It puts all of these metabolic stimulating, fat blasting techniques to use – and they TEACH you! There’s also a great supportive facebook page – and everyone there is an incredible community.

If you’re interested, be sure to check out Avocadu’s 21 Day Fat Loss Challenge HERE!

Let me know if you take the challenge and if you got the results of thousands of others!

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