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I’m going to come right out and say it – the low fodmap diet seems outright intimidating.

But I promise you, the low fodmap lifestyle is way less confusing than it appears! 

I was pulling my hair out and shedding some serious tears in the Target grocery aisle trying to sift through what’s supposed to be healthy for me and my terribly angry gut.

But the good thing is, if you’re anything like me, all you have to do is follow lists. And I love me some lists.

Hang with me and I’ll also share with you the top secret way I used to save me sanity, money, and bloating!

Low Fodmap Diet: What Is It?

The word FODMAP seems to throw everyone for a loop (including me at first!) because even though it’s an acronym, what the letters stand for is far more complex than we typically hear in our every day diets.

F – Fermentable

0 – Oligosaccharides

D – Disaccharides

M – Monosaccharides

A – And

P – Polyols

It’s like a crazy acrostic poem we all did in grade school, but specifically in the context of carbohydrates!

Yep, as much as carbs are a debate in today’s society (are they good? are they bad?), this diet focuses on having your body consume the RIGHT ones – specifically, the ones that do not have enough time to FERMENT in your gut.

The FODMAPS are difficult for the small intestine to absorb, which then creates fluid in the bowel, an increase in gas production, and digestive discomfort. 

FODMAPS are also hard for the body to digest, resulting in bloating, pain, diarrhea, and the rate at which foods get broken down and metabolized.

So by avoiding FODMAPS, you avoid this digestive distress and allow your body to consume easily digestible, nutrient rich foods!

What Foods Are NOT

There are certain foods you will want to AVOID while eating a low Fodmap diet. 

Remember, these foods simply ferment in the gut very easily, causing that indigestion, gas, bloating, and uncomfortable, sometimes even embarrassing side effects.

So let’s jump to it! These foods are…

Fructose: These are fruits like pears, apples, peaches, cherries, watermelon, and mangos – as well sweeteners such as honey and agave nectar. Foods with high fructose corn syrup also contain fructose.

Lactose: These products are disaccharides that are typically found in milk, yogurt, custard, pudding, ice cream, cottage cheese, and cheese.

Fructans: These contain grains like wheat and rye, and starch rich vegetables like artichokes, asparagus, brussels sprouts, broccoli, onions, beetroot, and garlic. 

Polyols: These are sugar alcohols like fruits (apples, apricots, cherries, nectarines, pears, peaches, watermelon, plums), vegetables (cauliflower, mushrooms, snow peas), and sweeteners like mannitol, sorbitol, maltitol, and many of the ingredients found in sugar free gum, mints, and cough drops/medicine. 

But hey, if you’re like me – you like comprehensive lists, not just generic overviews. So I’ve got you.

High Fodmap Foods to Avoid:


❏ Apple

❏ Apricot

❏ Avocado

❏ Banana (Ripe)

❏ Blackberry

❏ Boysenberry

❏ Cherry

❏ Dates

❏ Longon

❏ Lychee

❏ Mango

❏ Nashi

❏ Nectarine

❏ Peach

❏ Pear

❏ Persimmon

❏ Plum

❏ Prune

❏ Tamarillo

❏ Watermelon 

❏ Concentrated Fruit Sources

❏ Dried Fruit

❏ Fruit Juice

❏ Tinned Fruit in Natural Juice


❏ Artichoke

❏ Asparagus

❏ Broccoli

❏ Brussels Sprouts

❏ Cabbage

❏ Cauliflower

❏ Celery

❏ Fennel

❏ Garlic

❏ Leek

❏ Mushrooms

❏ Onion (All)

❏ Peas

❏ Pumpkin

❏ Shallots

❏ Spring Onion (White Part)

❏ Snow Peas

❏ Sugar Snap Peas

❏ Sweet Corn


❏ Buttermilk

❏ Cottage Cheese

❏ Cow Milk

❏ Cream

❏ Cream Cheese

❏ Custard

❏ Evaporated Milk

❏ Frozen Yogurt

❏ Goat Milk

❏ Ice Cream

❏ Lactose

❏ Margarine

❏ Ricotta Cheese

❏ Sheep Milk

❏ Sherbet

❏ Soft Unripe Cheese

❏ Sour Cream

❏ Sweetened Condensed Milk

❏ Yogurt


❏ Baked Beans

❏ Chickpeas

❏ Kidney Beans

❏ Lentils

❏ Soy Beans

Nuts & Seeds:

❏ Almonds

❏ Cashews

❏ Pistachios


❏ Rye

❏ Spelt

❏ Wheat


❏ Fructose

❏ High Fructose Corn Syrup

❏ Fruisana

❏ Honey

❏ Isomalt

❏ Maltitol

❏ Mannitol

❏ Molasses

❏ Sorbitol

❏ Xylitol


❏ Rum

❏ Low Glycemic Index Wine

❏ Sticky Wine

Low Fodmap Foods to Consume:


❏ Eggs

❏ Chicken

❏ Steak

❏ Pork

❏ Fish

❏ Shellfish

❏ Firm tofu

❏ Chickpeas (canned)

❏ Lentils (canned)

❏ All-natural peanut butter

❏ Almond butter

Grains, Cereals, and Breads: 

❏ Gluten-free pasta

❏ Oats

❏ Polenta

❏ Quinoa

❏ Rice

❏ Corn Tortillas

❏ Slow-leavened sourdough

❏ Gluten-free bread (made with low FODMAP ingredients)


❏ Avocado

❏ Banana (firm, unripe)

❏ Blueberries

❏ Cantaloupe

❏ Dragon fruit

❏ Grapes

❏ Honeydew melon

❏ Kiwifruit

❏ Lemon

❏ Lime

❏ Orange

❏ Papaya

❏ Passion fruit

❏ Pineapple

❏ Plantain

❏ Raspberries

❏ Rhubarb

❏ Starfruit

❏ Strawberries

❏ Tangelo


❏ Arugula

❏  Bamboo shoots

❏  Bean sprouts

❏  Bell Peppers (red, green)

❏  Bok choy

❏  Broccoli

❏  Common cabbage

❏  Red cabbage

❏  Carrots

❏  Celeriac

❏  Collard Greens

❏  Cucumber

❏  Eggplant

❏  Endive

❏  Fennel bulb

❏  Ginger root

❏  Green beans

❏  Kale

❏  Leek greens

❏  Lettuce

❏  Parsnip

❏  Pumpkin (canned)

❏  Potatoes (white)

❏  Radish

❏  Rutabaga

❏  Scallion greens

❏  Seaweed

❏  Squash (spaghetti, patty pan, kabocha)

❏  Sweet potato

❏  Swiss chard

❏  Tomato

❏  Tomatoes, canned (without onion and garlic)

❏  Turnip

❏  Water chestnuts


❏ Lactose free milk

❏ Lactose free cottage and cream cheese

❏ Lactose free sour cream

❏ Lactose free yogurt

❏ Butter

❏ Hard or semi-soft cheeses

Non-Dairy Milk & Yogurt:

❏ Almond milk

❏ Rice milk

❏ Hemp milk

❏ Canned coconut milk

❏ Coconut yogurt

Nuts, Seeds & Oil

❏ Olive oil

❏ Sesame oil

❏ Avocado oil

❏ Fody Garlic Infused Olive Oil

❏ Fody Shallot Infused Olive Oil

❏ Almonds

❏ Brazil nuts

❏ Chia seeds

❏ Coriander seeds

❏ Fennel seeds

❏ Flax seeds

❏ Hemp seeds

❏ Poppy seeds

❏ Peanuts

❏ Sesame seeds

❏ Sunflower seeds

❏ Macadamia nuts

❏ Pecans

❏ Walnuts

Baking Supplies & Spices

❏ Cocoa powder

❏ Dark chocolate chips

❏ Brown sugar

❏ Sugar

❏ Gluten free flour blends (such as Bob’s Red Mill Gluten Free)

❏ Almond flour or meal

❏ Vanilla extract

❏ All spice

❏ Black pepper

❏ Cardamom

❏ Chinese five spice

❏ Cinnamon

❏ Cloves

❏ Cumin

❏ Nutmeg

❏ Paprika

❏ Saffron

❏ Star Anise

❏ Turmeric

❏ Fody Taco seasoning

❏ Fody Lemon & Herb seasoning

❏ Fody Steak seasoning

Condiments & Dressings:

❏ Fody Tomato Basil Pasta Sauce

❏ Fody Marinara Pasta Sauce

❏ Fody Arrabbiata Pasta Sauce

❏ Fody Mild Salsa

❏ Fody Medium Salsa

❏ Fody Original BBQ Sauce

❏ Fody Teriyaki Sauce & Marinade

❏ Fody Sesame Ginger Sauce & Marinade

❏ Fody Green Enchilada Sauce

❏ Fody Taco Sauce

❏ Fody Korean BBQ Sauce & Marinade

❏ Fody Caesar Salad Dressing

❏ Fody Maple Dijon Salad Dressing

❏ Fody Garden Herb Salad Dressing

❏ Fody French Salad Dressing

❏ Fody Chicken Soup Base

❏ Fody Vegetable Soup Base

❏ Fody Ketchup


❏ Plain rice cakes

❏ Plain tortilla chips

❏  Salted potato chips

❏  Popcorn

❏  Rice crackers

❏  Fody Dark Chocolate, Nuts & Sea Salt Snack Bars

❏  Fody Blueberry Almond

❏  Snack Bars

❏  Fody Peanut Butter,

❏  Chocolate & Quinoa Snack Bars

❏  Fody Almond Coconut Snack Bars

What's the Easiest Way to Eat the Low Fodmap Diet?

Having lists to follow is awesome, but let’s be real – then we’re sifting through our recipes, checking EVERY ingredient, and feeling overwhelmed. 

Cooking became a total hassle for me. A daily stressor.

And who needs that?

I was honestly incredibly excited when I found something that I use seriously every single day, and that’s Freshly.

Professional chefs cook your meals fresh with incredibly healthy ingredients! This saves me time, money, and tons of upset, bloated stomachs.

And they do it all for a super reasonable price! 

If you’re interested, I attached a coupon below to help you get starte. And seriously – I use this EVERY DAY!

Let me know below how your low fodmap lifestyle is going and if you have any tips to share!

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