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TOPIC: Matcha Benefits

Matcha looks and sounds like it would be a health food – but does it live up to all it is promised to be?

Simple short answer – yes, absolutely.

In fact, matcha is the secret weapon for long lasting energy – one free from seemingly inevitable headaches, increasing heart rates, mood swings, mid-day energy crashes, and blood sugar spikes.

Sounds pretty great right?

Hang with me and I’ll show you:

➯ Exactly what matcha really is and why it’s considered one of the most powerful super foods

➯ How to incorporate matcha into your daily life

➯ How to reap incredible benefits from super foods, like matcha, in a very simple, sustainable fashion

What Is Matcha?

Matcha is a finely ground powder processed from specially grown and harvested green tea leaves.

Matcha literally means “powdered tea.”

When you drink traditional tea, the leaves are soaked in the hot water, and become infused. The rest of the leaves are then discarded. 

With matcha, you are consuming the entirety of the leaf itself, since it has been ground up into a powdered form. 

This allows you to reap countless more benefits, as you are consuming a more potent dosage of the matcha leaves – as opposed to the traditional infused elements!

See, our bodies thrive when we nourish ourselves with the proper vitamins and minerals, micro and macro nutrients.

So it makes a great deal of sense that our body responds so well to the power of plants!

The Whole Truth & Nothing But the Truth

I promise to always be straight forward, and to never sugar coat. So here’s the harsh truth.

⮞ We live in a world where processed, packaged, and manufactured are the leading terminology associated with the food industry.

So “farm fresh” has now become intercepted by factories – where added sugars, chemical preservatives, artificial ingredients, and so many other ingredients that do not belong in our foods (or our bodies) become part of our everyday meals.

And it can be incredibly difficult to feel energized when all of your energy in your body must constantly be used by the digestive system in order to tackle these “foreign foods” aka “products.”

Especially since food = energy.

In simple terms, the foods that filled our grandparents’ plates no longer appear on our own. And our bodies take the hit.

This is why today, our society is experiencing an obesity epidemic (and why it’s SO darn hard to lose that stubborn weight).

So to recap, our food has become:

➯ Processed

➯ Packaged

➯ Genetically modified

➯ Cross-bred

➯ Hybridized

➯ Industrialized

And where is the nourishment your body needs to thrive in all of that?

But I’m not here to nag you on this because it’s NOT your fault! Instead, there are simple ways to ensure your body is receiving the health and nutrition it deserves.

What are the Benefits of Super Foods?

Super foods are foods that have incredible benefits for our bodies, one may even say “super powers.”

These are incredible game changers for our bodies because despite how healthy we eat, it is difficult for our bodies to receive the true quantity and quality of nutrients we need in order to be our best selves.

So beginning your day by filling the void of nourishment with an organic, healthy solution that is 100% natural, plant-based, and incredibly beneficial – is crucial in designing a day filled with optimum productivity and energy!

Proper Nutrition = Energy

Being that the food industry manufactures many of our foods, our gut – the part of the digest system consisting of the stomach, small intestine, and large intestine – control several of our body’s processes.

I’m talking… 

➜ Healthy Digestion

➜ Bloating and Inflammation

➜ Weight management (and weight loss)

➜ Skin Health

➜ Nutrient Absorption

➜ Heart Health and Cholesterol Levels

➜ Brain Clarity and Mental Health

➜ Hunger and Appetite

➜ Immunity

➜ Chronic Illness

See, our energy levels are controlled by the small intestine’s ability to be able to absorb vital nutrients to then use for fuel for the body.

But an unhealthy gut = inability to absorb these key nutrients.

So here’s where the life hack comes in. You ready?

(I know you are, you’re awesome like that.)

Super foods can be found in powder forms (like matcha). And these powders have the ability to be directly absorbed into the bloodstream, as opposed to having to rely on the small intestine.

So many people have experienced incredible benefits by including super food powders into their daily routine. Take them as a health shot or incorporate them in your favorite recipes!

I highly recommend Your Super (and even use it myself!) because you truly see results while getting the most “bang for your buck.”

Your Super incorporates 5-6 super foods into one mix, where otherwise, you typically only find one super food in a powder form.

So its not a shocker that they get incredible results because they are packing in 5 to 6 times the amount of nutrients in one serving.

If you’re interested, be sure to check out Your Super HERE.

14 Benefits of the Super Food Matcha:

Matcha is an incredible super food that benefits your body in numerous ways…

☐ Packed with antioxidants and polyphenols (including the powerful EGCg – known to reduce bodily inflammation, support weight loss, and prevent heart and brain disease)

☐ Boosts metabolism

☐ Burns calories

☐ Detoxifies the body in a natural and efficient manner

☐ Calms the mind while relaxing the body

☐ Rich in fiber, nutrients, and vitamins

☐ Improves mood

☐ Enhances focus and concentration

☐ Provides vitamin C, selenium, chromium, zinc, and magnesium

☐ Prevents chronic illness and disease

☐ Lowers cholesterol

☐ Regulates blood sugar levels

☐ Anti-aging 

☐ Increases Energy 

Common Question: Is Matcha Caffeinated?

There are so many alternative methods to receiving a caffeine dosage (and ones that provides the stiffen of energy without the headaches, crashes, or jitters.)

So yes, matcha does contain caffeine!

However, it is a very different form from the doses found in a typical morning java.

Instead of the caffeine buzz that one receives from drinking coffee, matcha provides an “alert-calm” largely due to the l-theanine it contains, which produces relaxation without the side effect of drowsiness (no mid day crash!).

Matcha also differs from typical caffeinated coffee because…

➭ Matcha contains natural caffeine – which again, produces a different result on the body. The relaxed and calm, but alert, sensation as opposed to the energized highs and lows.

➭ Natural caffeine is slowly released in the body over the course of up to 6 hours, continually supplying your body with a great, lasting source of energy – without heart rate and blood sugar spikes.

➭ Matcha creates an organic sense of alertness and focus, as opposed to the “go-go-go-stop” mentality

➭ Matcha strengthens the body (see the many benefits above) because it supplies your body with vital nutrients – as opposed to temporary energy spikes 

Where Can I Get Matcha?

It is best to ensure that the Matcha you are using is one-hundred percent organic (meaning that the manufacturer has not added any artificial additives or sweeteners)

The best way to order your Matcha is through Your Super, and their price is beyond incredible for everything you get (this is what I use!):

In their Power Matcha, you’ll also receive the added benefits of:

  1. Moringa – incredible for cell repair and production of proteins and essential amino acids
  2. Wheatgrass – proven to boost immunity through vitamin A and E, along with chlorophyll
  3. Barley Grass – stocked full of vitamins and minerals like fiber, iron, and calcium
  4. (And of course!) Maca – relieves stress while boosting energy levels

You can also find Matcha on Amazon – it does not contain the same benefits as Your Super (as it is only Matcha itself), but still is a great option! ↓ ↓ ↓

Matcha Recipes: How to Incorporate Into Daily Life!

1. Matcha Smoothie:

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2. Turmeric Matcha Latte

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3. No Bake Macha Energy Bars 

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4. Green Pina Colada Smoothie

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5. Power Matcha Avocado Toast

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6. Hawaiian Energy Balls

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RECAP: Matcha is an incredible way to boost your energy while nourishing your body!

How will you incorporate matcha into your everyday life??

Comment below with your favorite recipes and uses!

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