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I’m going to start this out with a very vulnerable picture of myself as the ultimate in the “BEFORE” picture… 

Yep. That’s me. Living my best bloated life. Don’t I look happy? 

It was Thanksgiving (and one to remember…) when my stomach began to bloat to appear nine months pregnant. I was admitted to the emergency room and with no room left in the inn – I took up residence on a cot in the hallway.

So there I sat – with a blanket covering my stomach – frequently encountering the recurring question, “Is it a boy or a girl??”

(Most people assumed it was a boy – perhaps that’s a sign for when I have my first child?)

I was congratulated, asked about names, and even questioned about the whereabouts of my husband (haha – that one was my favorite since being prior to my engagement).

I eventually went along with it for the sake of my own entertainment.

But secretly – I was terrified.

That night, I had a CAT scan performed. 

Since it did not reveal anything, I spent the next two years visiting doctors, specialists, and even had a colonoscopy just to keep things exciting.

And the conclusion?

I had developed a gluten intolerance.

Meaning I was not allergic – it was not genetic – but developed because I was not providing my body with the proper nutrition.

I THOUGHT I was eating healthy. I was always active.

But yet, my digestive system screamed “NO MORE!” and shut down on me. (Which happens to WAY too many people – not just those that have unknown intolerances!)

It wasn’t just as simple as removing gluten (but how awesome would that have been?).

I had to completely reconstruct my gut bacteria, learn which foods are truly healthy foods (not just the ones that mask themselves to be) and do so all while living with bloated stomachs, chronic inflammation, and digestive distress.

I became comfortable falling asleep in the fetal position each night, as I was toppled over with overwhelming stomach pain.

But I can honestly say – I’m SO happy I experienced all of it.

I lost 15 pounds (without trying – simply by just nourishing my body with the proper nutrition) and have been able to keep it off for years!

My anxiety greatly reduced and my quality of life skyrocketed – my energy is through the roof!

I never knew how AMAZING the body is designed to feel – until I had no other choice. 

What Causes Nutrient Deficiency?

The US has been called “overfed and undernourished.”

And that statement – contains some scary truths.

The food industry today is just that – an industry. 

The foods that we have been raised to consume are:

  • An unhealthy mix of artificial sweeteners and additives (ie – sugar, sugar, and more sugar!)
  • Crossbred
  • Genetically Modified
  • Hybridized 
  • Industrialized and Processed
And it’s not our fault! When the US experienced a population boom (around the time of the industrial revolution) they pulled together their resources (factories) and began producing PRODUCTS as opposed to natural FOOD.
Our bodies can only handle so much of this (take it from mine!). 
And it’s OUR generations today that are experiencing the result of obesity, diabetes, inflammation, and our bodies simply asking us for “no more!”
Unfortunately, farm to table has become farm – to factory – to table. Think of it as an interception, sport fans – where factories process the foods – adding chemicals, sweeteners, and manufacturing to the whole ingredients our bodies are intended to consume.
92 percent of the US has a nutrient deficiency – but imagine if you fell into the 8 percent of people who know how amazing their body is intended to feel, how fast their metabolism can operate, how healthy their gut can be, and how quickly they can shed the weight.

Good news – you can be!

Why Is Nutrient Absorption So Important?

When we provide our body with the proper nutrition, we are able to flush out the toxins at a faster, more efficient and sustainable rate!

This is because the good gut bacteria craves company that is similar to it. And the good bacteria is found in healthy foods (vitamins, minerals, nutrients, etc.).

So when we properly nourish our bodies, we are adding those strains of beneficial gut bacteria to our bodies, which replace the bad gut bacteria – thus kicking inflammatory toxins out of the body.

Hence – more detoxing!

Different regions of your body can experience a detox – your blood, lymphatic system, liver, gallbladder, pancreas, kidneys, intestines, etc.

And this is because these are the regions controlled by the gut and the good (or bad) bacteria. 

As mentioned previously, our “gut” consists of the stomach, small intestine, and large intestine. And as you know, if your gut is unhealthy, there will be several bodily processes that are in jeopardy as well. 

One of these vital processes is nutrient absorption – which occurs in the small intestine. 

And to be 100% honest – THIS (nutrient absorption) is the single most important factor that changed the course of my gut health and overall well being.

That’s a pretty bold statement! But think about it for a moment – we eat food in order to obtain energy for our bodies. 

That energy comes from the nutrients found in our foods – but what’s the point if our body cannot properly absorb and utilize these nutrients?

See, when we eat our foods, they pass through the digestive tract.

Once the foods are broken down and digested in the stomach, they are then passed to the small intestine – where the digested nutrients should then be absorbed into the blood vessels from the walls in the intestine.

But let’s now talk about the problem – an imbalanced, unhealthy gut can negatively influence the body’s ability to absorb nutrients (as well as regulate blood sugar and store fat).

So even though that is what is SUPPOSED to happen – poor gut health prevents that process from happening efficiently, and your body becomes easily deprived of nutrients, which then decreases energy levels, skin health, immunity, weight management, and so much more.

BUT – I would not be writing this to you if I did not have some silver lining. There would simply be no point. I was bound and determined to find a way to properly integrate these nutrients into my diet.

Sure, I ate healthy foods – but it takes a decent amount of time to heal your gut just by a proper diet – especially when your gut struggles to be able to uptake these nutrients.

So even though I was eating healthy, my body was struggling to absorb the nutrients from those foods.

I felt like crap. I had no energy. I was bloated. My moods were highs and lows. So that at least motivated me to try to find some sort of solution.

After hours of research, I stumbled across multiple supplements and threw my money in every which way, hoping SOMETHING would work.

I felt a little better, I guess. But more disappointed that I had wasted my money on supplements filled with chemical additives, artificial flavors, and for lack of better words – CRAP that too many marketers do a great job of getting people to buy into.

Simply put – my body needed help but too many companies were looking to profit off my pain – as opposed to offering a product that genuinely helped me.

There was one solution, however, that changed the course of my gut health – and it’s a little secret I found – superfoods.

What are Super Foods and How Can They Work Instantly (and Without Hassle?)

A superfood is “a nutrient-rich food considered to be especially beneficial for health and well-being.”

The more I looked into superfoods, the more I realized – this is the exact source of nutrition my body is desiring. 

This is the kind of guidance I wished my physicians had given me insight towards – because I spent too much time throwing away my money on PRODUCTS.

And you may be saying, “well, are superfoods products?”

Superfoods are just what they sound like – FOODS.

But the ones I recommend are the types found in powdered forms.

This way, the nutrients are easily absorbed directly into the bloodstream – as opposed to having to struggle through the gut and hope they successfully become absorbed in the small intestine. 

And after I watched my money trickle from my wallet, I became very skeptical as to what I wanted to pay for in regards to these superfoods – even though they work like magic.

So if you’re interested, I recommend Your Super. Their company was founded after Michael, Kristel’s longtime boyfriend, developed cancer at the age of 24. They began working with nutritionists to create budget conscious superfood and plant protein mixes after his health skyrocketed and his cancer was healed.

From my experience, many health companies can be filled with a lot of scams – and not great intent. This is where Kristel and Michael are definitely a rarity. They found an incredible health solution and decided to share it with the world.

And take it from me (and Forbes, Peoples Magazine, Real Simple, MindBodyGreen, and many other consumers) – IT WORKS.

So if you’re interested, give Your Super a try! And most importantly, shift your focus to your gut for the true realm of sustainable success.

And if you read this and went “wow that is SO me” – same – so I created the 21 Day Gut Health Challenge to show you how to easily restore your digestive health without any of the many trial and errors I experienced. 

You can check out the challenge HERE

Let me know in the comments below what has most helped YOU so far! 

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