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[ Topic: Signs of Detox ]

Too often people become complacent with their health, and here’s why.

It appears to comes down to making a decisive choice between eating the foods you enjoy or having the body you desire.

But the truth is, our bodies are so much more complex, and our diets can be healthy without snacking on just kale and grass. (I’ll get to that later though…)

In fact, our bodies are so intelligent that they have the ability to communicate with us.

While there are no flashing red signs, there are warning signals that we should heed to and recognize, because they indicate what is going on inside our bodies, which ultimately controls our lifestyle.

And this concept of our body talking to us is not foreign at all.

For instance, when you sweat, you know your body has overheated and you need to get some water and cool down.

When our stomachs growl, we’re hungry.

When we have goosebumps – we’re cold and need warmth.

So, listening to our bodies is far easier than we are led to believe, and it all begins with the basics.

Hang with me and I’ll show you how to:

▶ Listen to your body

▶ Understand the signs your body needs a reset

▶ Maneuver your new journey to health in a way that is best for you

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What is a "true" Detox?

As you already know by now, the main topic of this article is detoxing – but I mention our overall health because cleansing our bodies is the first step to restoring and rejuvenating our lifestyles.

When you think of a detox, what comes to mind?

(Perhaps that green juice smoothie you have to hold your nose and swallow?)

That’s what I had always thought for years.

But the truth is, detoxing is the body’s natural way of flushing out toxins. And our body is 100% capable of doing this on its own – as long as we provide the proper nutrition. 

What Does Detoxing Entail?

So if we’re not sitting around sipping on green smoothies, then what really goes down during a detox?

The easiest way to describe this is a comparison of good versus evil – and it’s a war that’s happening right down in your gut.

Our gut – the part of the digestive system that contains the stomach, small intestine, and large intestine – has trillions of strains of bacteria.

And this bacteria (while we usually think is bad) can be either helpful or harmful to us.

The bad bacteria influence toxins to be stored in our body, causing us to feel incredibly sluggish.

When we detox our bodies, we release the storage of these toxins, and replace the bad bacteria with beneficial strains of bacteria.

The good bacterial strains complete helpful tasks in our bodies, particularly specializing in:

➔ Creating lean body mass

➔ Reducing fat storage

➔ Regulating appetite

➔ Curbing hunger

➔ Stabilizing metabolic rates

➔ Aiding with digestion

Beneficial gut microbes also can:

➔ Produce important nutrients and certain vitamins

➔ Fight infections and inflammation

➔ Reduce bloating and gas

➔ Digest food that otherwise would have been unable to break down

➔ Produce chemical balances that help you to feel full

➔ Regulate metabolic rates and energy levels

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4 Signs of Detox

When I mention that our body sends us signs and signals, there are four primary ones that we need to listen to the most.

These indicate that there are toxins that have built up in our bodies and need to be released.

In the meantime, the toxins are inflammatory, and increase the presence of the bad gut bacteria throughout our digestive tract.

This in turn greatly decreases energy levels, drops metabolic rates, increases fat storage, and skyrockets cravings.

So in order to be our healthiest and happiest selves (our gut regulates our hormones and mental health as well), we must first understand these four warning signs.

1. Always Feeling Tired

If you tend to rely on caffeinated beverages to keep you going throughout your day, and feel too sluggish without that “jump start” – then your body simply needs a reset.

See, food is designed to be our energy source and when our body begins to feel tired (with or without the usage of caffeinated beverages) then our bodies need to be reprogrammed to absorb the nutrients in foods to then provide us with energy.

Good bacteria (from a nutritious diet and probiotics) helps us to be able to do this.

Our small intestine’s main role is to absorb the nutrients from foods. And when our gut is unhealthy (in need of a detox) then we are unable to do this properly.

A great life hack I’ve learned in the meantime is to incorporate super food powders that are filled with beneficial bacterial strains.

These powders are an incredibly easy way to skyrocket energy levels while restoring gut health because they get directly absorbed through the bloodstream as opposed to having to pass through the small intestine (where problems occur).

If you’re interested, I highly recommend and use Your Super because they provide the most bang for your buck, while guaranteeing incredible results.

2. Experiencing Bloating and Inflammation

We all probably can identify bloating due to our personal experiences, but it’s important to note what bloating truly is so we can get to the root of the problem.

Bloating is a sign of digestive distress caused by a disturbance in the gut.

This means “something didn’t sit well.”

After you eat food, your digestive system works to break down that food, and absorb the nutrients to then use for energy.

Remember, food = energy.

But when there is a disruption in this process, your body often experiences the unwarranted side effects (gas, constipation, abdominal pain and swelling, inflammation, etc.).

When your stomach expands, it is due to the excess in pressure and air in the digestive tract.

We can all attest to how this is not a desirable feeling, no matter the cause. Trying to wiggle your way into those skinny jeans becomes more of a sport than a fashion trend.

But most importantly, bloating in the stomach is caused by poor gut health, meaning that your body is struggling to be able to digest your foods efficiently, leaving you with that slew of sluggish side effects.

And detoxing is the most important first step to take in order to restore your health.



3. Craving Sugar

Since the gut really is a war of good (bacteria) versus bad (bacteria) – it’s important that I mention how each crave company that is similar to them.


➤ The good gut bacteria craves other good gut bacteria, found in healthy foods, supplements (like Your Super) and probiotics.

➤ The bad gut bacteria craves other bad gut bacteria found in unhealthy foods.

This is the reason why your body craves sugar. It’s your bad gut bacteria screaming, “Give me more!”

Because we all can easily identify that sugar is not what is best for our bodies, but sometimes it’s as if our bodies almost convince us that this is what it needs.

This is the bad bacteria talking, and to make it go away – a detox is the answer.

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4. Poor Skin Health

Our gut health regulates so many of our body’s processes, including, but not limited to:

➯ Healthy Digestion

➯ Weight management (and weight loss)

➯ Nutrient Absorption

➯ Heart Health and Cholesterol Levels

➯ Brain Clarity and Mental Health

➯ Hunger and Appetite

➯ Immunity

➯ Bloating and Inflammation

➯ Chronic Illnesses


➯ Skin Health

This is regulated by how the gut controls several of the hormones in our bodies.

Everything from how much oil our glands are releasing to chronic skin conditions, our gut health is in the control center.

Next Steps to Reclaiming Your Health

Since detoxing is all about releasing the bad gut bacteria from our bodies, what truly is at the core is our gut health.

When we restore our gut health, we thrive because of of how many regions of the body our gut bacteria regulates.

So first step – detox. Second step – restore gut health in order to maximize results. 

If you’re interested, I created a 7 Day Detox Program in order to help you jump start your health journey. 

Be sure to check it out HERE if you’re interested!

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