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Chances are – if you’re reading this, you have a sweet tooth, which makes us already have one thing in common!

And chances are, if you have that said sweet tooth, you probably have struggled with your health in one way or another – perhaps unwanted weight gain, low energy levels, skin breakouts, bloated stomachs – the list could go ON!

But you’re not to blame by any means – sugar is…

So I’m here to help you to be able to quit sugar for good – meaning, it’s not that you won’t EVER get the opportunity to reach for that chocolate bar, but you will be the one in control and deciding if and when you do.

Not your brain that has hijacked your cravings – telling you “we NEED it!!!”

⇒ Stick with me and I’ll show you the top ten ways you can easily rewire your brain and take control of your body!

Why Is There So Much Sugar In Our Diets?

If there’s a single concept that I would like to emphasize throughout this entire article it’s this – you are NOT to blame…

The modern diet is filled with added sugars, processed foods, chemical additives, and so many other ingredients (essentially) injected into our foods to create food products.

Think about it for a moment – hunters and gatherers walked the earth, they were HUNTING and GATHERING their food.

Now, we go to grocery stores where so much of our “food” comes in boxes, packages, and bags.

The food that we accept to be so common is actually moving farther and farther away from even being food itself…

Good news is – by understanding this concept, we can master our own minds and take back control!


Sugar is a Marketing Miracle

Whenever we eat, our body reacts to the foods we choose to consume – including our brain!

And whenever we eat sugar, we experience a dopamine rush, what is known as the “happiness” hormone” that gives us a high.

Your energy levels, mood, and hyper activity skyrockets – but the rush is only for a moment.

As the saying goes, “what goes up – must come down.”

Now this sugar crash may not be news to you, but the repercussions certainly are alarming.

Once the sugar infiltrates its way into the blood stream in entirety, and the dopamine rush surpasses, you are left with some side effects that are arguably not worth that sweet taste.

See, sugar actually takes on the OPPOSITE reactions after – causing us to feel more anxious, stressed, and even experience unwanted brain fog.

As well as….

⇨ High Blood Pressure

⇨ Weight Gain

⇨ Bloating and Inflammation

⇨ Poor Sleep Rhythms

⇨ Skin Breakouts

and more..

But ready for one of the biggest secrets of all?

Sugar has been proven to be as addictive – if not even MORE addictive than cocaine…

And the food industry knows that – which is one of the many reasons sugar finds itself in so many of the food products that fill the typical Western diet.

This keeps you hooked – coming back for MORE!

Which means more profit for them.

Top 8 Ways to Detox Sugar:

“I’m not saying it’s going to be easy, I’m just saying it’s going to be worth it…” is the quote that comes to mind for sugar withdrawal.

Since we’ve established that sugar is in fact as addicting (if not more) than a drug itself, a withdrawal process is to be expected – but nothing that should scare you away.

Your body must readjust to a new realm of normalcy, and if your brain and bloodstream are not being delivered that more consistent rush of sugar, then it’s going to take a minute to readapt – but again, it’s for the best.

Having that known, here are the possible side effects: 

❏ Light Headedness

❏ Dizziness

❏ Nausea

❏ Fatigue

❏ Low Energy

❏ Cravings

❏ Mood fluctuations

To make sure you reap all the benefits of a sugar detox diet, here are the most important aspects to keep in mind in order to ensure success!

➪ 1. Consume Real, Anti Inflammatory Ingredients

As mentioned before, our society has moved farther and farther away from real foods and more towards processed foods with artificial ingredients.

What we want to do is to design a healthy, nourishing, nutrient rich diet that provides our body the care that it deserves.

The more we eat of certain foods, the more our body begins to crave those foods – hence, when we remove sugar, as long as we continue to work consistently towards eating a healthy diet, our bodies will actually begin to WANT this food.

To learn more about eating an anti inflammatory, nutrient rich diet – check out this 14 Day Anti Inflammatory Meal Plan!

➪ 2. Incorporate Apple Cider Vinegar

I would easily go to bat for ACV – because it actually WORKS!

Sure, the taste is well, a bit, acidic – but the results are BEYOND worth it.

Apple cider vinegar works to cleanse the body of the unhealthy gut microbes that come from unhealthy foods like sugar, and allow your body to press the reset button quickly and efficiently!

Helpful Hint: Make sure you get the brand that says “With the Mother” because it has the most undiluted concentration – allowing you to reap the most benefits!

For more on ACV, check out 6 Ways Apple Cider Vinegar Will Help You Lose Weight (+ How to Detox!).

gut health

➪ 3. Restore Gut Bacteria

Your gut health is your ticket to life. I seriously cannot brag enough about it.

It’s the secret life hack that we are given that too few people know about. It’s the core part of my journey from hospitals to health (you can read more about it HERE).

I also created the 21 Day Gut Health Challenge to help others be able to do the same – supported and backed by scientific research and personal expertise.

Not only will it help you to detox the sugar, but restore your digestive health to be able to reap the countless benefits of a happy gut, including… weight loss, skin health, immunity, mental health, and so much more. 

(You would be SHOCKED how much our gut controls! To find out more about gut health, check out 8 Poor Gut Health Signs + 7 Ways to Fix It!)

➪ 4. Meal Prep

Taking the time to prepare your meals beforehand each and every day could be some of the best self care you would ever give yourself.

This ensures that you are nourishing your body (starving is never the answer) and avoiding the temptations of the sugar cravings.

It’s so easy for your brain to tell you that it wants the SUGARRR but in reality, you know that if you stick with your meal plan – you will have great success!

➪ 5. Walk

Most people seem to think that the best way to detox is to sweat it out – which can absolutely be a successful method, but truly, when you are detoxing – your body needs rest.

You are changing so many things in your diet that you do not need to experience sugar withdrawal and heavy workouts at the same time.

In fact, it’s actually discouraged to push yourself until after your detox phase is over. So simply get outside and take a 30 min stroll each day!

This gets you moving, burning calories, and releasing toxins – but is easy on your body!

➪ 6. Give In to Small, Approved Temptations Occasionally

Going cold turkey can be difficult for anyone, and there are ways to incorporate healthy sugars into your diet and routine that satisfy cravings, but work to nourish your body.

Your Super is an amazing company that has its own personal recipe blog (HERE).

There are so many incredible recipes that are actually genuinely healthy for you – but don’t taste like they are!

Having a sweet treat here or there isn’t a crime, it’s all about what becomes established in your daily routines over time.

➪ 7. Replace Sugary Drinks

If you are prone to drinking soda daily, you will want to find an alternative, healthier beverage (I personally love Kombucha) that provides with you nourishing qualities.

If you drink the majority of your calories, there is a probable chance that there is a lot of sugars in those drinks.

Even flavored almond milks have jacked up sugar levels! So before you take a sip, take a look at the nutrition label and see if it deserves to be put in your body or not.

➪ 8. Devise a Plan and Stick to It!

No matter what health journey you take, it is crucial that you have a plan in order to establish and guarantee success.

This plan should have meal prep guides, education on the topic to expand your knowledge, and answer your greatest questions. 

If you are looking to detox your body, I can personally offer you the 7 Day Detox Challenge that is ultimate program for women looking for a quick, efficient, and sustainable detox cleanse!

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