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[Topic: Superfood List and Best Places to Get Superfoods!]

I find it incredibly ironic that “super powders” sound a whole lot like “superpowers” – because these foods truly have that homerun, out the park, world series kind of stuff to them.

I wouldn’t be sitting here writing this to you if this superfood list weren’t all they were hyped up to be.

So, think about this for a moment…

How much do you know about superfoods?

Maybe you’re like I was sitting there and thinking “what’s the big hoo-ha hype?”

Or perhaps you’re more advanced with the process and are here to identify which ones are best for you to incorporate into your daily routine.

But hey, regardless of where you are with this adventure, I’m right here to fill you in on everything superfoods you need to know.

Reassurance – You’ve come to the right place!

Hang with me and I’ll tell you exactly how to:

➯ Understand what in the world a “superfood” even is… (what better place to start, right?)

➯ The top 35 superfood list to sift through to decide which ones seem best to fit your needs

➯ Where to find these superfoods so you don’t go breaking the bank (this one has always been HUGE to me…)

➯ How to include these superfoods into your daily routine so it’s easy peezy, lemon detoxing squeezy!

What are Superfoods & Why Should We Give a Single Flying Flip?

For all my superfood starters, welcome!

I can promise you ONE thing – You’re about to discover a world you’re going to be incredibly thankful exists.

So, let’s jump to it, shall we?

Superfoods are foods that are coined with this title due to their incredibly high nutrient density.

These foods then work to deliver the vital vitamins, nutrients, and antioxidants to our bodies to provide us with the energy we need.

Afterall, food = energy.

So, if our food does not provide us the proper fuel source, our body takes the hit – depicting itself through lower energy levels, weight fluctuation, bloating, gas, inflammation, skin health, chronic illnesses… I mean the list goes on and on.

But when we include these nutrient packed foods into our routines, we reap the benefits they provide.

I’m talking…

➯ Skyrocketing health

➯ Keeping illnesses at bay

➯ Promoting heart health

➯ Supporting weight loss

➯ Improving energy levels

➯ Reducing the effects of aging

➯ Clearing up skin

➯ Restoring digestive health

And so much more based on the benefits each superfood has to offer.

This means that not every superfood will provide the same benefit, so it’s important to understand the health goal you are seeking to achieve to best understand which superfoods to incorporate into your daily routine.

To help, I have included an incredibly comprehensive top 35 superfood list to help you decide!

Top 35 Superfood List: Maximize Your Results

(Note: Many of these superfoods have even MORE benefits, but this will give you a succinct resource to better understand which ones are best for you!)

1. Wheatgrass 

⇨ Detoxification

⇨ Improves Digestion & Bowel Movements

⇨ Aids with Weight Loss

⇨ Increases Energy Levels

⇨ Reduces Speed of Aging

⇨ Clears Skin

⇨ Anti-Inflammatory Properties

2. Spirulina

⇨ Reduces Allergies

⇨ Lowers Cholesterol

⇨ Reduces the Risk of Cancer

⇨ Supports Weight Loss

⇨ Lowers Blood Sugar Levels

⇨ Detoxes and Purifies Inflammatory Causing Toxins

3. Baobab

⇨ Protects Heart Health

⇨ Boosts Immunity

⇨ Promotes Healthy Skin

⇨ Aids in Digestion and Bowel Movements

⇨ Controls Weight and Regulates Diabetes

4. Barley Grass

⇨ High in Antioxidants

⇨ Boosts the Immune System

⇨ Works to Prevent Cancer

⇨ Reduces Excess Acidity in the Body

⇨ Repairs DNA

⇨ Naturally Detoxifies

5. Moringa

⇨ Regulates Blood Sugar Levels

⇨ Controls Blood Pressure

⇨ Provides a Boost in Antioxidants

⇨ Detoxifies the Body from Inflammatory Causing Toxins

⇨ Improves Nail, Skin, and Hair Health

6. Chlorella

⇨ Reduces Symptoms of PMS

⇨ Lowers Unhealthy Cholesterol Levels

⇨ Supports Eyesight

⇨ Increases Stamina and Energy Levels

⇨ Detoxifies

⇨ Aids in Digestion and Weight Loss

7. Chia Seeds

⇨ Rich in Fiber

⇨ Controls Blood Sugar

⇨ Provides Plant Based Protein

⇨ Aids in Digestion and Weight Loss

⇨ Strengthens Immunity, Heart Health, and Brain Health

8. Acai

⇨ Promotes Healthy Skin

⇨ Anti-Aging

⇨ Supports Weight Loss

⇨ Provides Energy Boosts

⇨ Helps Digestion and Reduces Bloating

9. Maqui

⇨ Improves Heart Health

⇨ Helps in Weight Loss and Prevents Type 2 Diabetes

⇨ Boosts Immune System

⇨ Improves Eyesight

⇨ Supports Brain Function and Focus

⇨ Contains Antibacterial Properties

10. Acerola

⇨ Reduces the Risk of Diabetes

⇨ Controls Blood Sugar Levels

⇨ Works to Slow the Aging Process

⇨ Regulates Hormone and Metabolic Processes

⇨ Boosts Immunity, Digestion, and Brain Function

11. Maca

⇨ Improves Energy

⇨ Balances Hormone Levels

⇨ Enhances Strength and Stamina

⇨ Supports Memory and Brain Function

⇨ Works as an Anti-Depressant

12. Blueberry

⇨ Promotes Healthy Skin

⇨ Supports Proper Digestion

⇨ Works as an Anti-Inflammatory

⇨ Treats Urinary Tract Infections

⇨ Reduces the Risk of Cancer

13. Alfalfa

⇨ Improves Skin and Hair Health

⇨ Lowers Blood Sugar Levels

⇨ Cleanses the Body

⇨ Reduces Cholesterol Levels

⇨ Relieves Asthma and Allergies

14. Pea Protein

⇨ Great Source of Plant Protein

⇨ Reconstructs Muscle Effectively

⇨ Promotes Healthy Digestion

⇨ Supports Heart Health

15. Hemp Protein

⇨ Provides High Quality Plant Protein

⇨ Reduces Sugar Cravings

⇨ Great Source of Healthy Fatty Acids

⇨ Supports Immunity

⇨ Reconstructs and Repairs Muscle Breakdown

16. Matcha

⇨ High in Antioxidants

⇨ Increases Energy Levels

⇨ Stabilizes Mood

⇨ Boosts Concentration and Focus

⇨ Reduces Cholesterol

⇨ Improves Brain Function

17. Cacoa

⇨ Promotes Healthy Circulation and Heart Health

⇨ Supports a Healthy Sex Drive

⇨ Satisfies Sugar Cravings

⇨ Improves Insulin Resistance

⇨ Regulates Metabolic Rates

18. Carob

⇨ Aids in Digestion

⇨ Improves Blood Pressure

⇨ Rich in Vitamin E, Potassium, and Magnesium

⇨ Supports Strong Bones

⇨ Reduces Cholesterol Levels

19. Coconut

⇨ Improves Memory and Brain Function

⇨ Supports Healthy Hair and Skin

⇨ Boosts Immunity

⇨ Supports Weight Loss

⇨ Treats Urinary Tract Infections

20. Lucuma

⇨ Improves Memory and Brain Function

⇨ Supports Healthy Hair and Skin

⇨ Boosts Immunity

⇨ Supports Weight Loss

⇨ Treats Urinary Tract Infections

21. Turmeric

⇨ High in Anti-Inflammatory Properties

⇨ Detoxes and Cleanses the Liver

⇨ Improves and Supports Healthy Digestion

⇨ Reduces Bloating, Gas, and Unpleasant DigestiveDistress

⇨ Promotes Weight Loss

22. Ashwagandha

⇨ Improves Stamina Levels and Endurance

⇨ Reduces Stress and Exhaustion

⇨ Contains Anti-Inflammatory Properties

⇨ Supports Healthy Brain and Cognitive Functions

⇨ Enhances Sleep and Reduces Anxiety

23. Ginger

⇨ Incredible Anti-Inflammatory Properties

⇨ Detoxes and Cleanses the Body

⇨ Provides Digestive Support

⇨ Reduces Pain and Inflammation

⇨ Remedies Sickness

24. Cinnamon

⇨ Regulates Blood Sugar Levels

⇨ Supports a Healthy Mind

⇨ Contains Anti-Bacterial and Anti-Inflammatory Properties

⇨ Detoxes and Cleanses the Body

⇨ Supports Weight Loss

25. Pepper

⇨ Supports a Strong Metabolism

⇨ Helps with Weight Loss

⇨ Regulates Blood Sugar

⇨ Improves Digestion

⇨ Boosts Immunity

26. Lion’s Mane

⇨ Reduces Anxiety and Depression

⇨ Improves Brain Health

⇨ Supports Fat Burning and Healthy Metabolic Rates

⇨ Boosts Energy Levels

⇨ Regulates Sleep and Hormone Levels

27. Cordyceps

⇨ Boosts Energy Levels and Immune Function

⇨ Rejuvenates Skin and Reduces Age Spots

⇨ Detoxifies and Cleanses the Body

⇨ Provides Asthma and Allergy Relief

⇨ Reduces Cholesterol Levels

28. Chaga

⇨ Reduces Stress and Anxiety

⇨ Improves Immune Function

⇨ Speeds up Metabolic Functions

⇨ Promotes Cellular Health

⇨ Contains Anti-Inflammatory Properties

29. Reishi

⇨ Provides Respiratory Relief

⇨ Strengthens Immune System

⇨ Detoxifies the Body

⇨ Boosts Energy Levels

⇨ Lowers Cholesterol Levels

30. Rice Protein

⇨ Packed with Antioxidants

⇨ Great Source of Fiber and Protein

⇨ Provides Boost in Energy Levels

⇨ Speeds up Fat Burning

⇨ Improves Muscle Gain

31. Banana

⇨ Boosts Energy Levels Instantly

⇨ Supports Healthy Digestion and Bowel Movements

⇨ Powers Brain Health

⇨ Reduces Menstrual Cramps

⇨ Lowers Anxiety and Depression

32. Hibiscus

⇨ Improves Cardiovascular Health

⇨ Remedies Nausea and Vomiting

⇨ Aids in Blood Circulation

⇨ Relieves Asthma and Allergies

33. Amla

⇨ Strengthens Brain Health and Memory

⇨ Prevents Aging

⇨ Increases Immunity

⇨ Boosts Skin and Hair Health

34. Beetroot

⇨ Encourages Weight Loss

⇨ Detoxifies the Body

⇨ Balances Blood Pressure

⇨ Improves Brain Function

⇨ Boosts Energy

35. Shatavari

⇨ Relieves Stress and Anxiety

⇨ Can Assist with Fertility Issues

⇨ Helps with Breast Milk Production

⇨ Assists with the Respiratory Tract

⇨ Reduces Digestive Distress

What are Superfoods & Why Should We Give a Single Flying Flip?

Not going to lie, if I were given a grocery list and it had cordyceps, shatavari, carob, lucuma, and half the names up above, you’d see me getting my 10,000 steps in just by lapping the aisles.

I would not know (and didn’t know) where in the world to even begin.

And yes, you can choose some of these superfoods to add into your favorite recipes, but I’m going to share with you a major life hack that I have discovered.

A little something called superfood powders…

These powders are made up of these superfoods – just ground up – and simplifies your life by exponential amounts.

But you also maximize your results because here’s the real truth…

Your small intestine works to absorb the nutrients found in foods. If you’re a relatively healthy person, you most likely have a good balance of healthy microbes in your gut that ensure this process works well.

But if you fall into the majority of the population – those looking to improve your health – your small intestine most likely needs a helping hand (and that’s totally okay!!).

Because if your gut health is out of balance, you most likely experience the lack of ability to properly absorb these nutrients.

Meaning, you could be eating healthy foods without being able to reap the full benefits that these foods have to offer.

So what these super powders do is to absorb directly into your bloodstream – allowing you to experience incredibly fast results, heal your gut health (giving that small intestine the support it deserves), and reaping the benefits to their full capability.

Where Do I Find Superfood Powders and Will They Break My Piggy Bank?

These superfood powders can be found in an abundance of locations, including your local grocery store in the health aisle.

But I’m all open to sharing my secrets with you, so here’s how I do it.

I want to know that I am all about getting the most bang for my buck. I began to really dive into my health journey in college, and just as a typical college student, you’re certainly not rollin’ in the dough.

After hours and hours of research (I enjoy that kind of stuff, but you guys get the perk of skipping that step and saving you time by reading these simple articles), I found Your Super.

Your Super offers bundles of superfoods that target your health needs.

For instance, they offer:

Super Green Mix – To support your intake of nutritious greens, fiber, and prebiotics to skyrocket immunity

Forever Beautiful Mix – To support skin health with your daily boost of berries, vitamin C, and holistic health elements

Skinny Protein Mix – To support healthy weight loss by curbing your hunger and supplying your body with restorative amino acids

Power Matcha Mix – To support your focus and productivity through natural sources of caffeinated boosts and antioxidants

Chocolate Lover Mix – To support your sugar cravings while boosting your mood through great tasting natural elements (and no added sugar!)

Mellow Yellow Mix – To support anti-inflammatory properties, reduce stress, and manage anxiety through organic ingredients

Chocolate Protein Powder Mix – To support athletic performance and accelerate post-workout recovery (along with brain health and mental wellbeing)

Magic Mushroom Mix – To support and strengthen your immune system while managing your stress and enhancing your mood

Muscle Power Mix – To support lean muscle production and workout recovery through formulated amino acids

Moon Balance Mix – To support and regulate female hormone levels

So, you can see that when I stumbled upon these, I really appreciated that you could look at them and decide which one (or ones) is/are best for your needs.

But more than anything, you truly get the most bang for your buck because the alternative is getting super powders for a single superfood.

For instance, matcha is one of the most popular superfoods. I started out getting matcha superfood packets but then discovered the Your Super Matcha Mix, which not only has matcha, but also has Maca, Moringa, Wheatgrass, and Barley Grass.

This shows how these mixes contain a healthy combination of 5-6 superfoods, so you can easily reap more benefits faster and maximize your intake of superfoods.

Not to mention, it saves a lot of money by having these bundles of superfoods rather than making your own bundles.

And I’m just the type of person who needs to have the most bang for my buck (I’m a teacher) so when I want results, I want them fast and I want them to be maximized.

How Can I Include Superfood Powders Into My Daily Routine?

Superfood powders are really simple to add into your day to day meals.

You can throw them in smoothies or shakes, sprinkle them on top of your foods, use them as seasonings, or even come up with new concoctions based simply on your new superfood.

What helped me most in designing my healthiest lifestyle was checking out Your Super’s Recipe Blog.

It’s 100% free and offers hundreds of recipes that shows you everything you can do to make your life simple with superfoods.

Be sure to check out the recipes HERE!

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