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I was beyond lost and confused in the world that someone on the internet referred to as the “gut.”

But yet, it intrigued me because every time I learned more about gut health, the more I went “that’s me!” and the words resonated so truly. 

I was puzzled why doctors weren’t bringing up the topic of gut health, and perhaps that’s why it’s known as the “best kept secret.”

But here’s the deal – I’m here to break open this secret because you, me, the world, everyone deserves to know…

1. What the heck is our gut and why should we care?

2. How to fix your gut if it’s leaky, cranky, upset, or all things in between

3. Simple solutions to doing so without breaking the bank

And I promised myself that if I ever found out all these answers, I would put them in one place. So here it is – all in one place!

Let’s roll…

What is Gut Health?

When someone said “gut” I would always think of the overextended pooch in the stomach area.

The one joked to be the “beer belly” or a “food baby.”

But in reality, our gut is the intestinal linings made up of trillions of strains of bacteria that help us to break down our foods, absorb the nutrients, and regulate the overall health of our body.

Seriously though – the gut alone controls energy levels, metabolism, immunity, mental health, skin health, weight loss, hormones, and so much more.

That’s why so many people can identify with needing to regulate a healthy gut – is because the signs and symptoms come out in so many different ways.

For me, it was food intolerances, bloating, inflammation, low energy levels, and anxiety. But for a friend of mine that I went to school with, hers was actually discovered because of how poor her skin health was, and going to the root of it.

Not many doctors talk about gut health because this is the source. A lot of medical practitioners treat symptoms. For instance, I was handed medication to settle acid reflux – instead of getting to the cause of what was causing my acid reflux.

This is in no way belittling medical practitioners or saying that you shouldn’t go to the doctor. Instead, I am just suggesting that you dig even deeper with the information provided by your medical practitioner. 

Restore Gut Health Hack #1: Eat Healthier than You Feel

What I have found with gut health is that no matter what condition you really get officially diagnosed with, we need to be gentle with our guts.

This means that since the gut is sensitive, we need to take precaution by deciding what we put into our bodies each and every day. 

The most helpful word I have found to research foods with has been “anti inflammatory.”

These are all natural, healthy, nutrient rich foods that counter the inflammation in the digestive lining.

Luckily, I’ve skipped a couple steps for you and already taken care of some of that research for you.

I would go ahead and check out the following two articles to learn more about this gut health diet plan:

🡆 The Complete Guide of 100+ Anti Inflammatory Foods to Heal Digestive Health

🡆 The Ultimate Gut Healthy Eat This – Not That Food List

Restore Gut Health Hack #2: Embrace Super Foods

What has truly made the world of difference for me is choosing the RIGHT supplements.

When I began on my journey of restoring my gut health, I was throwing money (that I did not have) in every which direction in hopes that something would make me feel better.

But the truth is, a lot of supplements end up as what I like to call “pretty pee.” 

This means that they just get filtered through your system, rather than absorbed and utilized, and then you’re spending a lot of money to essentially and literally – flush down the drain.

See, the small intestine is the part of the gut that contains the nutrient absorption. But, if our gut is unhealthy, we are unable to properly regulate this function, thus leaving us with a major problem.

We could be eating super duper healthy and barely absorbing ANY of it. 

But super food powders have been my savior. These are foods that are already ground up that you can take each and every day that immediately get absorbed into the bloodstream – skyrocketing energy, healing the gut, and targeting your problem areas.

For instance, my trouble area has always been my stomach. So I love the anti inflammatory properties of super foods like turmeric, ginger, and ashwagandha. 

But since these aren’t the easiest (or always the tastiest) of foods to find in grocery stores and eat raw, I have found Your Super superfood powders to be my greatest “life hack.”

If you’re interested, you can choose your mix for whichever interests your needs best. They have bundles (and individual mixes) for:

🡺 Detox

🡺 Energy

🡺 Hormones and Mood

🡺 Immune Support

🡺 Digestive Health

🡺 Fitness and Protein

🡺 Sleep and Stress

🡺 Skin and Hair

And even a personalized way you can build your own bundle.

I don’t believe in tons of supplements. But the cool thing about Your Super is that it’s genuinely ALL REAL FOOD. No artificial anything. 

Restore Gut Health Hack #3: Read It & Weep

I think there is something amazing about taking ownership of our own bodies and embracing the concept that we deserve to live our best lives – despite what we may encounter.

There have been a couple books that have taught me everything I know and I’m here to recommend them to you!

These books tell the ins and outs of everything you could ever want to know. They deliver recipes, explanations, comfort, and anything gut health related you’d seek to find.

All of these are accessible on Amazon, too. So super easy peezy lemon detoxing squeezy.

Restore Gut Health Hack #4: Listen to Your Body

We live in a society where it seems like “push, push, push” and full speed ahead.

But what our bodies need more than anything is REST. 

I’ve spoken to so many people that seem beyond irritated that they spend time rehabilitating on the couch, getting ample rest, and rejuvenating their bodies. 

But the truth is – this is exactly what our bodies need, especially when trying to restore our gut health.

There’s no need to kick it really hard through workouts if you feel woozy, bloated, or nauseous.

Listen to your body because your body is in fact talking to you, and it’s up to us to listen!

Restore Gut Health Hack #5: Good Programs Work Faster

I fully believe in the motto “work smarter, not harder.”

And with this comes our health. I was the one who had to work harder because there wasn’t a ton of information out there about gut health when I began my journey.

I was the one with my head in the books, experimenting with foods and supplements on my own bodies, snuggling heating pads at night just to fall asleep, and experiencing the mental toll to find out what in the world actually works.

Through this, I created the 21 Day Gut Health Challenge – the ultimate program for women looking to restore digestive health quickly, sustainably, and cost-effectively.

I poured all my hard work into something others can use to truly work smarter, not harder. (If you’re interested, be sure to check out the link above!)

But there’s also another amazing program that I have to hype up! 

The Healthy Gut has endless opportunities from 5 week long challenges, recipe books, 1 on 1 coaching sessions, podcasts, articles, and more!

This incredible site is run by Rebecca Coomes and she goes through the true 5 pillars of health, those of which she also learned the hard way.

So whichever path you take, embrace a program because it’s done all the hard work and research for you already. Sit back, soak up the information, and enjoy the outcomes.

Restore Gut Health Hack #6: Reduce Sugars

There are two different types of bacteria that can be found in our gut (simply put) – and that’s the good bacteria and the bad bacteria.

The good bacteria comes from eating those healthy anti inflammatory foods, consuming the right supplements – like super food powders, and even throwing in a dose of probiotics (I’ll tell you more on this in a bit for how to find the right one for you).

The bad bacteria comes from the unhealthier foods, the known ones we shouldn’t eat – but also the SUGARS, especially the added sugars.

Added sugars are artificially manufactured and “added” into our foods to get our taste buds hooked. If they’ve hooked us, the marketers have won because we come back for more.

But what these added sugars do is get into our gut and multiply, causing us to have an increase in those bad cravings, since they ultimately want company (the bad bacteria crave the bad, the good bacteria crave the good).

So if there’s one major flag to look out for, it’s added sugars. Be sure to check out the nutrition labels of foods for these sneaky fellas. They hide everywhere!

Restore Gut Health Hack #7: Ferment, Ferment, Ferment Away!

Fermented foods work to add helpful, beneficial good bacteria to the digestive tract – which further the advancements of good bacteria and digestive enzymes.

Kombucha, nonfat plain greek yogurt, and kefir water are all amazing ways to consume fermented gut microbes!

All of these can be found in your local grocery store, and are available in multiple flavors!

Restore Gut Health Hack #8: Throw in a Probiotic

Not all probiotics are the same, and the labels on the bottles can be incredibly deceptive – making that certain product seem like the holy grail of probiotics.

But we will be the judge of that based on certain stipulations. To make this simple, I created a checklist for you.

❏ Make sure the probiotic contains LIVE strains of bacteria (many probiotics have “dead” strains, which then when added to your digestive tract do absolutely nothing. You need live strains that will continue to flourish your digestive tract with incredible benefits and more beneficial bacteria.)

❏ Expect to pay anywhere between $25-60/month for a good probiotic

❏ Read the reviews – it can be really helpful hearing other people’s experiences

❏ Probiotics for women are measured in CFU (colony forming units). Choose a probiotic that has at least 10 billion CFUs – less strains will simply not be as potent and beneficial (again, you want LIVE strains!)

❏ Has a diverse range of strains of bacteria (If you look at the nutrition label, you can see the scientific names of the strains. Make sure there are multiple strains since different strains will serve different purposes for your body.

I personally recommend Thryve.

1. Their prices are incredibly reasonable

2. They offer more personalized probiotics (not just a one size fits all option)

3. They provide amazing results

Thyrve has a great selection that is more personal to your individual needs. The same strains of bacteria found in a probiotic to promote weight loss will be different than the strains of bacteria to increase immunity. They provide this selection and make choosing the probiotic simple for you.

Take it One Step at a Time...

Fully understanding gut health takes some time, patience, and implementation – but I promise you, these are absolutely amazing results that you will experience.

Remember that the gut regulates countless processes in the body (metabolism, energy, skin health, mental health, digestive health, bloating/inflammation, immunity, and so much more.)

So the benefits are endless! Let me know below where you are in your journey and what you’ve learned so far!

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