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Do you have to be athletic in order to lose weight and live a healthy lifestyle?

Oh goodness no – if not, it would be genetically selected at birth who’s going to be squeezing into size 2 jeans and who’s going to be stuck counting calories for the rest of their life.

But good news is – it doesn’t have to be that way AT ALL. 

Because let me tell you, you can simply WALK to lose weight – as long as you are doing it the RIGHT way!

Can You Walk The "Wrong" Way?

Not to go all history lesson on you, but back in the day when homo sapiens roamed free and about, nude and proud, they didn’t think of walking as a workout.

Instead, they simply considered it a mode of transportation – one of which was vital for survival.

But now, we live in a world of fit bits and fast food, and walking is seen as a workout due to our lack of natural exercise (desk jobs, mundane routines, roaming about our offices like zombies…).

So while you can’t technically walk the “wrong” way, if you incorporate 30 minutes of brisk walking into your day, you typically take 3,000 steps.

And a total of 7,500 steps a day has been proven to reduce Type 2 Diabetes, and lead to incredible weight loss transformations!

Benefits of Walking for Weight Loss

While there are many benefits to walking that will lead to weight loss – these are the top two reasons that keep me coming right back to it are:

➪ Fast Fat Burner

➪ Caloric Workout

➪ Low Impact – Quick Results

➤ Burning Fat Fast Even While Walking Slow

While brisk walking is encouraged for the best results, the real success is seen in consistency and effort.

There’s a great difference between sweating yourself for hours on the elliptical and walking, and that’s because your body does not build up a tolerance to walking, as it will do for cardio. 

Weight lifting is often encouraged for weight loss when it becomes debated against cardio workouts for the simple reason of tolerance.

The more repetitious your workout becomes, the easier it is for your body to build up a tolerance to it – meaning your workouts would have to be LONGER in order to see real results over time.

But with walking, that’s not the case. The body never becomes tolerant to too many steps.

When you are walking, your body has the capability to tap into fat reservoirs incredibly easily.

This is good news! Because by being able to do this, your body is able to burn off fat cells at a fast rate.

And walking is one of the ONLY exercises that has the ability to burn fat so quickly! 

Walking is also most efficient for reaching stubborn belly fat and lowering blood sugar levels.

➤ Caloric Workout

There’s a reason why so many of us have a Fitbit strapped around our wrists, keeping track of our steps, and recording milestones in our health…

Because it works!!

The average caloric intake varies by BMI – your Body Mass Index, and the influence of activity level, food intake, and age of the person.

To find out how many calories you should be consuming/burning personally, check out the Caloric Calorie Calculator HERE!

But the general rule of thumb is that to lose one pound, you must be in a caloric deficit of 3,500 calories. And these calories can come from both exercise (walking a 15 min mile burns 200 calories in just 30 min!) and proper nutrition.

Side Note: I always try to connect you guys to the next best resource so I don’t “leave you hanging” with this bit of information…

In order to lose weight, carbohydrates (sugars specifically) must be monitored in order to see results. This is why the keto diet has become so vastly popular. 

Both healthy fats and quick carbohydrates can energize our bodies, but only one actually works to reduce fat storage, not add it.

And that would be a source of healthy fats – energizing your body while providing proper nutrition.

If you’re interested in a weight loss program that combines these philosophies, I’d highly recommend Avocadu’s 21 Day Fat Loss Challenge.

This program guarantees that you lose 10-21 lbs in 21 Days or they happily give you your money back – so go ahead and give it a try if you’re looking for that aspect of accountability and guidance a strong program provides!

(Second Side Note: I tried this program and personally LOVED it. Experienced incredible results… that’s why I’m sending in on to you all!)

➤ Low Impact - Quick Results

Losing weight is most efficient when calories are burned efficiently.

This means that whenever you complete a workout, your body goes ahead and burns calories throughout the workout (but if it is most efficient, your body will work to burn calories AFTER the workout as well!).

I never discourage cardio from other’s workouts because I myself enjoy running. But the reality is, whenever you complete a cardio based workout, your body stops burning calories shortly after the workout ends.

But with workouts like walking (and weight lifting) your muscles continue to generate a caloric deficit much longer on throughout your day!

And a great aspect that I must note – your body will not feel the hard impact of brutal exercises. Walking is gentle and restorative for the body and our blood flow!

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