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Being healthy seems like a daunting task in today’s society. 

Everywhere you look there’s another fad diet, health coach, and fitness/calorie tracker app.

What’s right? What’s wrong? (Can you even go wrong?) And what will actually guarantee results?

Well, there’s one thing that has stood the test of time – and that’s consistency with habits.

While they say it takes 21 days to establish a habit, it’s more about continuing to integrate that technique into your everyday routine so that it becomes part of your lifestyle.

Then you find true success. 

So what are these wellness tips for a healthy life?

Let’s get started!

18 Wellness Tips for a Healthy Lifestyle Every Day!

1. Hydrate, Hydrate, and Hydrate

This seems really basic, right? Just drink water.

But actually, drinking water – especially first thing when you wake up in the morning, is the ultimate key to designing your body for a healthy day.

If you add a splash of lemon into your water, this helps to detox the toxins found in your liver, providing a gentle cleanse each and every morning.

Think about not taking a sip of water for eight or so hours throughout your work day. 

Now imagine, that’s what happens to your body each night while you are sleeping.

Rehydration is key!

2. Plan Your Day Ahead

Depending on your lifestyle, this may be super doable, or a harder challenge you may face.

But I always say, control the controllables.

When you wake up, grab a pen and paper (or notepad on your phone) and plan out what you can. 

This can include meals and when/what you plan on eating! Then you can have an algorithm to follow to make sure you don’t overeat, or mindlessly munch.

Planning ahead provides intention to your days, and has been proven to have many successful results!

3. Don't Drink Your Calories

So many people start their day off with that topped off whipped cream drink from their favorite local coffee shop – but never get to realize how many calories (and SUGAR) those drinks contain.

This is the same with sodas and alcoholic beverages – empty calories. 

And since calories are designed to be energy units for the body, we want to make sure our daily use is as well used as possible!

4. Embrace Holistic Calories

This doesn’t mean you have to be vegan, gluten free, or say goodbye to lactose for life.

It actually means that you embrace all the healthy aspects within these varying food groups!

Food itself can seem so intimidating – especially because we are told we need more of this, less of that, and then on…

But in reality, you want a balanced diet made from ingredients that you can understand, pronounce, and recognize. 

This does typically involve preparing your own meals, unless you do what I do, and that’s to get the sweet delivery service through Freshly!

You want to incorporate all natural, fresh ingredients into your everyday lifestyle!

(And you’d be surprised by how much you CRAVE healthy ingredients after you start.. no joke!)

P.S. If you’re interested in checking out Freshly, here’s a coupon for you!!

5. Take Quiet Time

For some, this almost seems laughable. Especially if you have kids and are constantly running about.

But seriously, five minutes of having your eyes closed and intentionally resting your body helps to strengthen your mind and revitalize your body.

Mediation comes in various forms – listening to music, practicing yoga, or even taking slow and deep breathes to provide more oxygen to the body.

So challenge yourself, what relaxes you?

6. Take Care of Your Gut

The gut is truly the body’s secret weapon – an it’s terribly misunderstood.

Typically when one says gut, they think of their uncle slumped over with that huge beer belly, and that’s “a gut.”

But everyone has a gut – and it’s the part of the digestive tract that contains the stomach, small intestine, and large intestine. This segment of the body contains over a trillion bacterial microbes that have the ability to influence the body’s ability to lose weight, speed up metabolism, skyrocket energy, clear up skin, improve immunity, and so much more.

To learn more about your gut health, and to quiz how healthy your gut is, be sure to check out 8 Poor Gut Health Signs & 7 Simply Ways to Fix It!

7. Revitalize with Proper Nutrition (Superfoods!)

Superfoods truly have earned their name for what they are – the super heroes of food!

A lot of these foods are some crazy ingredients found ALL over the world! I’m talking everything from ginger to wheatgrass to ashwagandha! 

So the life hack I’ve (and millions others) have found? Superfood powders.

These are by far the best thing that I have ever done for my health and are the easiest to incorporate into a healthy lifestyle routine.

I personally recommend YourSuper – you get the most bang for your buck because each one of their mixes are packed solely with nutrient rich superfoods.

Plus they have have health bars for some snacks, and an entire recipe blog to help you to detox and start your health journey! (Providing all the steps along the way!)

8. Eat Your Proteins

Carbs or fats, which are a better energy source?

Some people could go round and round about this topic and still never see eye to eye. 

The truth – you can extract energy out of both sources. My opinion – as long as it is a healthy carb (brown rice, quinoa, oats, etc.), and a healthy fat (avocados, salmon, olive oil, etc.) then you can’t go wrong. 

But what people oftentimes forget about – that is CRUCIAL for weight loss – is the structural component of your body (PROTEINS!). 

Proteins not only boost the body’s metabolism, but also keep you full for longer periods and have been proven to reduce cravings. 

So load up on those proteins – you won’t regret it!

9. Get Moving, Forget Marathons

Slow and steady win the race, right?

If you are a marathon runner, then please disregard the title. It’s just to let everyone know that it’s completely okay to take baby steps each day.

In fact, this is more important to do “in the long run.”

You want your workouts to be something you enjoy. Get your steps in while walking your dog around the nearest nature trail, join a local HIIT class, or practice yoga.

Just do what you genuinely enjoy, because that’s what you will be able to find consistency within.

10. If You Workout, Lift Weights

Take if from a cardio abuser from YEARS. 

I would run, go to the elliptical, run some more, and go back to my elliptical. A couple crunches and I’m done. 

I sweated, so that was successful, right?

Right. But not the most efficient. And I wasn’t using the time to maximize my results.

See, it wasn’t until I started focusing on doing more HIIT based workouts (I love the SWEAT app) and lifting that I saw noticeable results.

More muscle tone, and I could each so much more without weight gain. 

This is because when you work your body out in this manner, you maximize your metabolism and keep it burning calories throughout your entire day, not just your workout.

So to get the most out of the shortest time at the gym? Lift weights and try some HIIT cycles.

11. Avoid Artificial Anything

When the US experienced a population boom (around the time of the industrial revolution) they pulled together their resources (factories) and began producing PRODUCTS as opposed to natural FOOD.

Our bodies can only handle so much of this.

And it’s OUR generations today that are experiencing the result of obesity, diabetes, inflammation, and our bodies simply asking us for “no more!”

Unfortunately, farm to table has become farm – to factory – to table.

Think of it as an interception, sport fans – where factories process the foods – adding chemicals, sweeteners, and manufacturing to the whole ingredients our bodies are intended to consume.

And these are the type of ingredients that are foreign to our bodies, unrecognizable, and harder to break down – resulting in digestive distress and weight gain.

12. Form a Simple Skin Routine

Think about everything your face faces each and every day. 

One of the most renowned self care novels is “Girl, Wash Your Face” by Rachel Hollis – and the title alone is amazing.

I didn’t used to do much for my skin – and truthfully, my skincare routine is simple (because I don’t have much time to do much else)

But making sure I wash my face at the beginning and end of each day is a game changer and helps me to feel so refreshed!

13. If You Need a Program, Invest in One

Knowing and embracing your own personal needs is vital to long term success.

Are you someone who has incredible intrinsic motivation?

Or are you someone who does better when supported by a community of people going through the same thing?

If you’re the latter, go after your goal. There are so many programs tailored to various needs, that don’t be afraid to embrace the help and guidance.

For instance, I learned how to eat properly with Avocadu’s 21 Day Fat Loss Program. They have an incredibly supportive FB page to go along with the program, and I was so happy that I just paid the less than $50 it was to join and get all the information I needed.

Don’t be afraid to invest in yourself!

14. Strengthen Important Relationships

If it’s important to you, then focus on making it a priority – and that spans across a multitude of applications, even relationships.

It has been proven that stronger, healthier relationships lead to a strengthened mental mindset, which reduces stress.

Stress itself has been linked to a decline in physical health, increase in cravings, and rush of cortisol levels. 

So remember to take time for the people that are important to you – it’s actually important for your health!

15. Use Substitutions to Incorporate Your Favorite Unhealthy Foods

I love me some mac n cheese. Seriously adore.

So if someone told me that to live my best life I would have to give it up, I would say that’s not my best life. Or in my realm of interest.

What I’ve found is how to make my favorite unhealthy foods healthy is to substitute certain ingredients.

For instance, I use chickpea pasta for a low carb option and have guilt free mac n chees all the time. 

For a more complete list of Eat This, Not That Ingredients – check out HERE!

16. Practice Mind Over Matter

Your mind can convince you of just about anything – but it’s up to you to convince your mind of what needs to happen.

This is a great technique to beat cravings.

See, cravings are caused by a surge of chemical hormones, telling you that you NEED to have that food. 

But in reality, you know whether or not you SHOULD be having that food or not. Take back control of the situation by telling your mind what it needs to hear – you are so much stronger than you’d believe!

17. Embrace Small Changes

Does your job offer you a standing desk or yoga ball?

Do you try to take the stairs when an elevator is available?

These are simple little changes that you can embrace that will influence your ability to burn calories throughout your day and provide you with a more active routine – even in just the smallest of ways!

18. Sleep Hard

A well worked day deserves a well earned nights sleep.

Sleep is when the body rehabilitates itself from the day and is crucial to being able to continue to embrace healthy habits throughout your day.

If you wake up exhausted, you’re a lot more likely to not workout and eat unhealthy. 

But if you start your day with a spring in your step, you’re likely to be able to carry this with you throughout your day!

Practice simple techniques like reducing screen time before bed to unwind and make sure your REM sleep is strong.

The Secret to Success Is Consistency!

The title says everything you need to know!

Choose techniques that focus on areas that you wish to improve – diet, exercise, mental strength and mediation, etc.

Then pour yourself into trying to make each a healthy habit and part of your routine each day.

After a few weeks pass by, you’ll see it becomes on autopilot – and you won’t have to even think about incorporating it.

Choose techniques that do not overwhelm you and that are manageable – this will help you to be able to keep them for the long run! 

What are your favorite wellness tips for a healthy life?

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